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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Got ink?

Most households nowadays have a printer . . . and just like a car needs gas, our printers need ink! But ink is so expensive, isn't it!?!

Not necessarily! There are good ways to save on ink, and I’d like to share one that I’ve now been using for about 3 years: Cartridge World.

Cartridge World specializes in bringing us affordable, safe, and “green” ink cartridges! (You can read about it here).

I personally like Cartridge World for 4 main reasons:
  • They are reusing cartridges (they sell remanufactured cartridges) and therefore . . .

  • Their prices can’t be beat: you can save anywhere from 10-55% off retail price of a new cartridge! My color cartridges, which are $14.50 for a new one in an office store, are $7.99 at Cartridge World. Laser toners are a great price too – Kristie has purchased hers from Cartridge World. Here are some of their prices on other cartridges.

  • They stand behind their product. If something is wrong with the cartridge (which does happen, but rarely), you can take it back and they’ll replace it with another one. No need to worry about sending back a faulty cartridge via mail to the online company you bought it from.

  • They sometimes put out coupons (which we love), and give a $2 credit for many types of empty cartridges if you bring them in.

Like I said . . . I’ve been using them for 3 years and have been a very satisfied customer. If I had issues with a cartridge or toner (which was rare), they were very prompt in replacing it.

And here is something to sweeten the deal even more: Steven Kromray, the marketing director at the State Street branch in Rockford, told me that anyone who mentions this blog when going to purchase a cartridge at his store will receive $2 off (expires July 15th)! Woohoo!

I would suggest that you print this blog entry and take it in with you so they can see how far our word of mouth reaches. Be sure to tell your friends about our blog so they can take advantage of the sweet deal too!

Click here to find out more about the 2 local Rockford branches. This is also where you’ll find their location and phone numbers!

Thanks Steve for your $2 off offer!

Note: If you live outside of Rockford, I'm sorry that the $2 off doesn't apply to you. But you can try and find a Cartridge World near you here.

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