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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Diapers, Diapers, Diapers!!

One constant area where families are trying to always save money is on diapers! They are a large weekly expense and definitely a need not a want! We have posted this link in the past but I want to post it again as a reminder.

This chart from Baby Cheapskate shows you what you should be paying per diaper. It is your price to beat. It helps you know if you are really getting a good deal! In the past year diapers have gone up in price and gone down in the number of diapers per package so . . . getting a good deal has been much harder. However, when you can get diapers at your target price per diaper - STOCK UP!

Also, notice in the lower left of Baby Cheapskate's document she shows you were to get some printable coupons and coupons from the newspaper. When you buy a name brand diaper always have a coupon and use it combined with a sale to get your price to beat per diaper!

Register with the Huggies Network and with Pampers to get coupons by mail as well!

At the start of every week Baby Cheapskate will also post the diaper sales and coupon match ups and where you can find a stockupportunity of the week! Click on Top Diaper and Formula Deals of the week in her quick link section on the right hand side.

Generic brands of diapers have really improved! Walgreens has a reliable brand and their jumbo packs often go on sale for $5.99, BOGO free, or BOGO half off. Most time you can get two jumbos for around $10! Hilander also has a reliable brand and they will go on sale for $5.99 often and usually there is a printable coupon for $3 off! Check out the diaper reviews on Baby Cheapskate for more helpful advice on generic!

And as always stay tuned here for your stockupportunities in the Rockford area!!

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