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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Free Domino's Bread Bowl's until 2pm!!

Hurry and call your nearest Domino's to see if they are participating and to pre-order the new Pasta Bread Bowls. They are FREE until 2pm today. I went to the Domino's on Riverside and Mulford. I called ahead so we could just walk in and pick them up. They didn't seem busy at all. I got one for me and one for the kids to share!

Click here to look up your nearest location and to see if they are participating!

Gotta go before mine gets cold!

Restaurant.com certificate

If you've never used a certificate from Restaurant.com, now is the time! Although the restaurants offered are limited, the price is great. In Rockford, the 3 choices are Alvarez, Kiki B's, and India House. If you broaden your radius (30 miles), you get a few more choices in Rochelle or Wisconsin.

Enter the code CHEF to your cart, and you'll get 90% off the retail price - that's a $25 gift certificate for $2!

Another Free Hallmark Card with postage paid!

It's another free card from Hallmark with postage paid. If you didn't try this last time when Anouk posted about it, try it now! Just in time for Mother's Day. I tried it last time and it was very easy and quick.

You must be a registered user so if you are not sign up for a free account. Click here and sign in or start your card. Use CARD4MOM at checkout and they will mail your card with postage free!

A few freebies at Target

Combine this Target coupon $1 off 2 with this Buy one get one free coupon (last page) to score some free Mac and Cheese cups. I believe these are about .77 a piece. Buy 4, use 2 Target coupons and 2 BOGO coupons = 4 FREE cups of Mac and Cheese!

Then, print two (or 4 if you print the second Nabisco coupon twice) of these Target coupons for $1 off 7.5oz Nabisco snack or larger and this Nabisco coupon for $1 off two (lower left print twice) and get two bags of snacks for .02 each. These at the Target on 173 are $1.52 for the 8 oz bags.

Don't forget to check out the previous posts from Target (bottom right) to see what other deals may still be available.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Free kids toothbrushes at CVS through 4/30/09

Grab your Proctor and Gamble insert that expires 4/30/09 and take the buy one kids toothbrush get one free coupon to CVS.

This week they are on sale for $1.99 and you earn $1 Extra Care Bucks for each toothbrush. Buy 2 use your BOGO free coupon, pay $1.99 and get $2 in Extra Care Bucks. Make sure you go before the 30th as that is when the free toothbrush coupon expires!

Thankfully they had Barbie and a Hot Wheels toothbrush, both of my kids will be happy!

Macy's Friends and Family Sale

Macy's is having a friends and family sale starting Wednesday, April 29th through Monday, May 4th. Just print out this coupon and head to Macy's.

Barnes and Noble Summer Reading Program Free Book!

Click here to check out the Barnes and Noble Summer Reading Program and earn a FREE book. This program is for schoolagers in grades 1-6 and one form per child.

Click on the link and scroll to the bottom where it says "Here is how it works" for further details! The necessary forms are there.

Home Made Simple Coupon Booklet

Click here to sign up for the Home Made Simple Coupon Booklet. This booklet has over $30 in great coupons for Febreeze, Cascade, Swifer, Dawn, etc. There is usually one for a free bottle of Cascade Rinse for the dishwasher.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

FREE full size Right Guard Deodorant!

HURRY PRINT THIS NOW (twice)! A FREE full size Right Guard Deodorant! It is only available to the first 10,000. It will take a few minutes to print and then hit the back button and do it again. The coupons are good until 5/31. Maybe there will be a Register Rewards or an Extra Bucks Deal that will be a moneymaker with these coupons.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Walgreens Deal Week of 4/26/2009

Well the "Easy Saver Month" has ended. The Easy Saver Catalog will be no more. Currently - we have Register Rewards to deal with. (I am not a big fan of this system - as there are a lot of glitches to be worked out.) There are a few items that are free or better than free this week with the Register Rewards system. We'll see how it goes.

**Ecotrin Aspirin - 45ct - $2 get $2 in RR
Use $1 off coupon from recent newspaper insert OR
Use $2.25 of any Ecotrin Aspirin printable (you will have to have a filler item to make up the difference)
TIP: The $2.25 will beep because it is for more that the product costs. It will be up the cashier if and how they accept it. It is for any Ecotrin product so it will work, it is valid. You could buy 2 Ecotrin and use a $2.25 coupon and a $1 coupon. Pay .75 plus tax and get a $2 RR OR buy 1 Ecotrin and see if they take the coupon. Pay taxes and get a $2 RR.
Money Maker with either coupon

**Nivea Body Wash - $4.99 get $4.99 in RR
Use $1 off coupon from recent newspaper insert OR
Use $1 off printable coupon
Money Maker

**Rembrandt toothpaste or mouthwash - $5.99 get $5.99 in RR
Free after RR

**Bayer Quick Release Aspirin - $2.49 get $2.49 in RR
Free after RR

**Buy $10 of band-aids, benadryl or neosporin and receive $4 in RR

Buy 2 band-aid and one neosporin or benadryl and pay $1 each after coupons and RR

**Bayer Breeze 2 or Contour Blood Glucose Meter - $14.99 get $5RR

Use coupon for up to $30 off of meter from recent newspaper insert

FREE and receive $5 in RR! Also send in for the $14.99 mail in rebate.

CVS Deals Week of 4/26/2009

Hmmm - doesn't look like much at CVS this week. Only one "free" item to speak of.

Garnier Shampoo, Condition, or Styler - $2.99 get $2 in ECB
Use $1 off coupon from recent newspaper insert
Free after ECB's and coupon!

What's a good deal?
Palmolive on sale for $.88
Use $25 coupon from 4/26 newspaper
.63 after coupon

The TRESemme' Deal from last week is available again (limit 2). Check this post out for details.

Schick Intuition Razor - $8.99 earn $4 in ECB's
Use $4 off coupon from 4/26 newspaper
.99 after coupon and ECB's

When you scan your CVS card at the card scanner check the coupons. There has been one printing that is a $2 of 2 Golden Emblem nuts. This coupon can be use on the nuts in the candy isle that are .99. Two bags free!

Let's us know if you find a great deal!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nivea Coupon

Here is a coupon you will want to print and save for next week. It is $1 off any Nivea product and next week at Walgreens Nivea body wash will be $4.99 and you will receive a $4.99 register reward when you purchase one. Use the $1 off coupon and it will be a moneymaker.

Hilander Coupon Giveaway

Are interested in doing the Comforts Baby Deal at Hilander but don't have enough coupons? The first person to see me in person can have some great coupons to help you save money! The deal is if you spend $15 in Comforts products you get $3 off your order.

These are the coupons I have all for the Comforts brand products:
$1 off 1 toiletry
$1 off 1 cups, bowls, spoons, pacifiers or bottle liners
$1 off cotton swabs
$3 off formula
$1 off Pediatric drink
$3 off toddler training pants

Edit - thanks to Robin:
3 - $3 off diapers!

Catch me if you can!

Curves and Avon Team up for a Fitness Study

Check out this post from Deal Seeking Mom and see if you would be interested in participating in a Fitness Study between Curves and Avon.

It is limited to 50 participants per Curves location. There are about five locations in the Rockford area, check the listings here.

Thanks Robin for the head up! She is a participant - let us know how it goes!

Two non-advertised deals at Hilander

Two more deals at Hilander this week that were not in the ad:

**Capri Sun Breakfast Drinks - $1.79
Use the $1 off coupon from recent newspaper insert
.79 for 10 pouches after coupon

**Pillsbury Family Size Brownies - $1
Use the .35 off from recent newspaper insert
.30 after coupon

Hilander Deals week of 4/23/2009 - Diapers!

It seems that most the deals this week are the same as last week so if you missed those check out this post and head to the store.

I do see one additional deal and that is on the Kroger brand of diapers. If you buy $15 in Comforts products you get $3 off. They have anything baby you need in the Comforts line.

EDIT: It is up to your cashier if they will accept 3 of the $3 off coupons at one time. The Hilander on Mulford accepted them but the Hilander on Rural did not.

Deal idea:
Buy 3 Comforts Diapers Jumbo Packs at $6.49
Use 3 - $3 off printable coupons here
Pay 7.47 for 3 Jumbo Packs of diapers! ($2.49 a pack)
If you can only print 2 coupons:
Buy 2 Comfort Jumbo Packs and another baby item for $2.50 (powder, wipes, etc.)
Use 2 - $3 off printable coupons here
Pay $6.48 for 2 packs of diapers and you additional item!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Swagbuck's Amazon certificate redemption

Some people have asked me how to redeem their Swagbucks for Amazon certificate, and how then to redeem their Amazon certificate once it comes. Here is the breakdown:

When you reach 45 Swagbucks, you go to your Swagbucks account, to the Swagbucks store. On the left click on the "Gift Cards" tab, which will take you to view multiple gift cards available. The Amazon and I-tunes ones are the best value for your swagbucks bucks. Anyway, if you pick the Amazon one, your account will be deducted the 45 swagbucks and the following will happen:

- First you should get an email right away in which you will find a link that you need to click on. Clicking on this link will "verify" that you placed the order.

- Then in a week or so, you will get an email stating that your gift certificate has posted. Now you can go to your Swagbucks home page and click on the "My Account" gray box at the top right hand side of the page. Click on the "My Gift Cards" tab on the left - that is where your code will be posted.

- What you will then do is write down/copy the code, go to your Amazon account, click on Your Account tab. In the "Payment" section, on the left under "Gift Cards" you will see "Apply a Gift Certificate/Card to Your Account" : click on that. You will then be prompted to enter the code. That's it! Then next time you order from Amazon, the credit will be applied to your order. It is really quite easy (it just sounds complicated)! :)

And if you don't know what Swagbucks is, what are you waiting for? Check it out here. I've had multiple friends sign up and some have already gotten enough for a Amazon certificate. Join the fun!

Glade coupon available again!

(Sorry to those who got the blank email with title only - I hit enter instead of tab and it published my blank post!)

Glade's Fragrance Collection $4 coupon is available again (as of 1:30pm CST I printed mine). Stack this coupon with Walgreens' $2 ES coupon (on page 21) and you get a free $5.99 value small candle! Woohoo! Remember that since the coupons are worth a penny more than the candle, you'll have to have something else in your purchase to eat up that penny.

You can also choose to get the 3 wick candle instead, use the $3 ES coupon, and pay just a few dollars for a big, really nice candle! Choices, choices! :)

CVS Deals week of 4/19/2009

There are quite a few good deals at CVS this week! I ran in really quick to pick up a few things and when I scanned my card received a $10 off of $50 purchase so I grab my coupon and left! Then came back the next day to get more free stuff and when I scanned my card again received a $2 off a $10 coupon! YEAH!

What's FREE this week:
**Edge Infused shave gel - $2.89 with $2.89 in extra bucks! (limit 1)

**Bayer Quick Release Crystals - $2 with $2 in extra bucks! (limit 1)

What's a really good deal:
**Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste, Rinse or oral b floss - $2.88 with $2 in extra bucks. (limit 2)
Use .75 off coupon for the toothpaste and pay .13 after coupon and extra bucks!

**TRESemme hair products - 3 for $10 with $5 in extra bucks (limit 2)
Use 3 $1 off printable coupon (print in landscape to get entire barcode) and pay .66 a bottle after coupon and extra bucks!
Keep an eye out at the coupon scanner because I also received a $5 off a $15 purchase of TRESemme products!

**Dove Skin Revitalizer massager - $4
Use $3.50 coupon from recent newspaper insert and pay .50!
Keep an eye out at the coupon scanner as I received a $2.50 off a Dove face product coupon!

**Act Mouthwash Rinse - $3.79 and receive $2 in extra bucks
Use $1 off coupon and pay .79 after coupon and extra bucks.

**One a Day vitamins, Flinstone vitamins or Citracal - prices start at $7.49 get $4 in extra bucks (limit 4)
There are lots of coupons out there for these from recent newspaper inserts
$1 off Flinstones
$4 off 2 One a Day vitamins
$1 off 1 One a Day
$2 off 1 One a Day
After coupon and extra bucks you will pay $3.49 at most for vitamins!

If you like Aveeno products - Spend $25 and receive $10 in extra bucks (limit 1)
Here are some good printable coupons:
$10 off 3 products, $5 off 2 products, $2 off 1 (all positively ageless products)
$2 off any Aveeno products
There were also recent newspaper coupons for Aveeno products.

CVS batteries are Buy one get one free!
I used my $2 off $10 CVS product coupon for these as our helicopter was in need of batteries!

If you go to the CVS on Riverside and Alpine I noticed a ton of products in all departments on Clearance. I scored two packages of Huggies wipes one 160 ct for 1.62 and one 160 ct for 3.25 and use the .75 off coupons from Sunday's paper. Crayola Triangular crayons for $2 and I had a $1 off coupon. So take your coupons and look around lots of deodorants, makeup all on clearance.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Walgreens Earth Day Specials!

I heard rumors and here it is . . .

Get your coupon here for Walgreens on Earth Day, Tomorrow, April 22nd. 15% off eligible items and 20% off Walgreens and W brand items! PLUS get a free reusable tote with coupon and purchase! Read the fine print on the coupon to see what qualifies as eligible items.

What is on my list?!

The free after rebate ($10 when you buy $10) physicians formula cosmetics which are already 40% off this week! (extra 15% off)
The free after register rewards products: Chapstick and Shaving Cream. (extra 15% off)
The Walgreen's brand pain relief on sales this week for 4 for $4! (extra 20% off)
Reach Dental Care products on sale for .99 with in store coupon and manufacturer coupon! (extra 15% off)

Should be a really good deal although I am sure they will be busy. The coupon can only be used in the photo or cosmetic department.

Happy Earth Day from Walgreen's!

Free Thomas the Train Playdate

Toys R Us is having a Thomas the Train Playdate this Saturday, April 25th. Click here for the details.

Iced Coffee Day

If you are an iced coffee fan, head over to Dunkin' Donuts today for Iced Coffee Day! For .50 cents you can get an iced coffee and your purchase will help support Homes for our Troops. Enjoy!

Monday, April 20, 2009

KMart Double Coupon

KMart in Rockford, IL, is doubling coupons this week, up to $2.00. I find that KMart's prices are usually higher than other places, but if you have a $1.50 or $2.00 coupon, it can be worth the trip.

I don't have time to go to KMart this week, nor do I have time to find bargains and post them, but I wanted you all to know about it. So instead of re-inventing the wheel, I'll send you to "Common Sense With Money" and their post about it. In the post, toward the end, they have a link which will take you to a list of items that are pretty cheap, if not free, after double-coupons.

If you're not from Rockford, be sure to check out if your area is having the double-coupon deals. Go here, and read the post to find out how to know if your area is part of this.

Enjoy! Get some good deals for me too - wish I could go! :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Coupon's from this Sunday's Chicago Tribune!

Here are four great coupons from this Sunday's paper that you can take to Hilander through Wednesday and get free items:

$1 off Huggies Bath and Body Product
46 ct Huggies wipes are $1 this week

$.50 off 4 roll on Angel Soft
4 rolls are $1 this week

$.50 off McCormick Grillmates
They are $1 this week

This one isn't free but a good deal:
$1 off two Steamfresh veggies
They are $1 each this week so you would get them for .50 a piece.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Kohl's Coupon Dead Deal

According to the Kohl's on East State Street the coupon posted online is no longer valid.

The Kohl's in Love's Park had accepted mine earlier today but they must be having issues with that coupon and are no longer accepting them.

We hope this has not caused an inconvenience for anyone - this deal was going through today but they must have invalid coupons that people modified.

Hilander Deal on Children's Advil!

Right now at Hilander Children's Advil is buy one get one free. Regular price is $5.99. What makes this an even better deal is that some of the boxes have peelie coupons for $2 off each bottle.

I went to the Hilander on North Mulford and there were still a few bottles with peelies. They are located in the isles in front of the pharmacy. After my the peelie coupons I paid .99 a bottle for two bottles. This was perfect as I was completely out of Chidren's Advil! We are now restocked.

Free Reusable Hilander Bag

Go here and design a bag for Hilander (Kroger) and you will receive a free reusable shopping bag. They will add the free coupon for your shopping bag to your shopper's card. Next time you are in the store pick one up and it will automatically add the coupon to your bag.

It is very quick and easy to register and design a bag!

$10 off $10 purchase at Kohl's TODAY ONLY, April 18th

NO LONGER VALID! - Link deactivated.

Today only, April 18th, print this coupon and save $10 off a $10 purchase at Kohl's.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Target Earth Day Special

The buzz is Target on Earth Day which is this Sunday, will be giving out a free reusable bags with purchase. Before you head to the store I would check the ad to make sure or call the store to confirm.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kodak Gallery Photo Books

Looking for a gift for Mother's Day? Kodak Gallery has a few specials going on right now.

Almost free card (exp 5/16)
Add your picture to their prepared templates (some are so cute!), then type in FREECARD in the coupon code section at checkout. All you will have to pay is $0.99 shipping and handling. Basically for $0.99 you're getting a card ($0.57) and a stamp ($0.42)! Not bad for a custom card!

BOGO on all photobooks $15 and up (exp 4/21)
Buy one, get one free - here's a great gift to send to both mothers in your family (yours and his). Make one with pics of the grandkids, get 2 printed! Type in 1550BOOK in the coupon code section at checkout.

If neither of the offers above interest you, but you'd like to order something else, there is free shipping on orders above $15 with code ILOVEMOM

Hallmark Store Closing

The Hallmark store on Mulford Rd. between Spring Creek and Spring Brook (next to Hilander) is closing. The store is pretty full as of this week and the signs said at least 25% off.

They have a lot of gift products, precious moments, candles, Valentines, Easter, Christmas etc. So if you are in need of some gift items maybe swing in and see if you can snag a deal!

Kids' songs - sanity keeper or taker?

OK, so I don't have kids in my house yet, but I can imagine that the songs they like (and that keep them entertained) can sometimes drive you batty. Just my guess . . . since I can't stand repetition, I can imagine I'm in for some fun! :) But is keeping them happy with silly songs worth my sanity?

Thought I'd let you know about a great opportunity to get 150 kids' songs for only $0.99 on Amazon! Wow! Most of them are very familiar songs, and from what I can tell, all of them are sung by children. So check it out - you can listen to samples before deciding if $0.99 is worth your sanity!


Thanks Baby Cheapskate!

Hilander (Kroger) Deals week of 4/16/2009

Here are a few highlights from Hilander this week:
(Remember Hilander doubles coupon up to .55)

**Pasta Roni or Rice a Roni - $1
Use $1 off 3 printable coupon
.66 each after coupon

**Birds Eye Frozen Vegetables - $1
Use .35 off one from recent newspaper insert
.30 after coupon

**Green Giant Frozen Vegetables - $1
Use .50 off printable coupon
FREE after coupon


Use .50 off 2 coupon from recent newspaper insert
.50 a piece after coupon

**Bertolli Oven Bake - $4.98
Use $2 printable coupon
$2.98 after coupon

**Lawry's Marinades - $1
Use $1 off 2 coupon from recent newspaper insert
.50 a piece after coupon

**McCormick Grill Mates Seasoning - $1
Use .25 coupon from recent newspaper insert
.50 after coupon

**Softsoap Elements Hand Soap - $1
Use .35 coupon from recent newspaper insert
.30 after coupon

**Suave Deodorant - $1
Use .75 coupon from recent newspaper insert
.25 after coupon

**Brut Deodorant - $1
Use .55 coupon from recent insert
FREE after coupon

**Huggies 46 ct wipes - $1
Use $1 printable coupon we posted here
FREE after coupon

**Raisin Bran Cereal Large Box - $2.18
Use $1 printable coupon
$1.18 after coupon

**Kellogg's Frosted Mini Wheats Large Box - $2.18
Use $1 coupon from recent newspaper insert
$1.18 after coupon

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Coupon Ethics

When we post deals that we find around town, one main concern we have is that we be ethical in how we complete these deals. We do not condone the use of a coupon in a way that a coupon isn't intended to be used.

Once we have researched a deal and a coupon on the internet and/or in the stores, and we find that it is a good/legit deal, we will post about it. It may be that you will find on other sites some deals that are of interest to you, but that aren't posted here. Feel free to send us an email: we can check it out, or maybe we already have and have decided it wasn't legit or ethical.

Here is an example: Target currently has regular Aveeno lotion for $2.99. Aveeno has a printable coupon for Positively Ageless lotion, $10 off of 3. Some people are using the coupon to get the 3 bottles of regular lotion at Target for free. The problem for us is that the coupon is specific in its wording: it must be positively ageless lotion not just Aveeno lotion.

We want manufacturers to continue to provide great coupons, so we need to make sure we honor their rules of how they are to be used!

Always use legit coupons! Also, get to know the cashiers at the stores you frequent - even save some coupons for them to get a good deal at their store!

Ensure Coupon and Rebate!

Click here to print a $3 off coupon for one multi-pack of Ensure Nutritional Drink.

If anyone purchases this, you know it is expensive. My son loves these! When we were trying to get him to pack on the pounds he guzzled the stuff. Grandma drinks Ensure as she is on chemo and she has to drink her Ensure in hiding so he doesn't knock her down and take it!

There is also a rebate for up to $10 here.

If you don't use use this product, I will gladly take the coupons you print and send them to people who can use them!

Target Deals week of 4/12/2009

Here are a few deals this week at Target:

**Chex Mix - $1.49
Use .50 from recent newspaper insert
Use $1 off Target coupon
FREE after coupons

**Purell Hand Sanitizer (2 oz.) - $1.29 price cut
Use .55 from recent newspaper insert
.74 after coupon

**Dry idea roll on deodorant - $2
Use $2 printable coupon
FREE after coupon

**Colgate kids toothpaste - $1.99
Use .75 coupon from recent newspaper insert
$1.25 (I always find it had to get a good price on kids toothpaste)

**V8 Fusion - $2.99
Use $2 off coupon
.99 after coupon

**Axe shower gel - $.97 in the travel section
Use $1 off shower gel from recent newspaper insert no size restriction
FREE after coupon

**Market Pantry Fruit Snacks - $1.52 (or smaller .89 packages by register)
Use $1 off coupon
FREE or .52 depending on which size you buy

If you need greeting cards, here is a coupon that might help you out!

$1 off 3 greeting cards (retail of at least $1 each) Target printable coupon

Also, I have two American Greeting card coupons for $1 off 2 greeting cards that you could stack with the above printable coupons to get a great deal! The first two people to catch me and ask for them Wed or Sun will be the lucky winners!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

All thumbs, free gum, and coupon giveaway!

For some reason these past 2 weeks, I have been "all thumbs" when it comes to getting deals and using coupons. I think I have a coupon only to find out it expired the day before. Or, like today at CVS, I look for my $1 coupon for the SoftSoap that is FAR : can't find it! So I buy it anyway, because it's still a great deal (just not a money maker this time around).

Next I go to Walgreens, see something on sale and look for a coupon in the "toiletries: face" section of my coupon file, and there is the SoftSoap $1 coupon! Aaargh! It's body wash, not face wash! What was I thinking??

So, my loss is someone's gain! I'm going to give the coupon away to someone in Rockford: if you have not yet done the SoftSoap deal at CVS (limit 1), and you did not get the SoftSoap coupon (from 3/29 paper) and would like it, it's yours! But you have to come get it from me on Wednesday at church, because it expires on the 18th. First person to email me gets it (email link on the right).

Here are some other coupons I have to give away . . . email me if you would like any of them, and I will give them to you (first come, first served). If they are paper, I will have them on Wednesday at K4T and can hand them to you. If they are emailable, I will email them to you right away for you to print.

- $3 off new Glade Fragrance Collection, exp 6/27 (Qty 2)
- $1 off Pledge Fabric Sweeper, exp 6/26 (Qty 4): these are fabulous!
- $4 off Glade Sense & Spray holder, exp 8/31 (Qty 4)
- Old Navy Coupon $10 off 2 girls dresses, exp 4/16 (Qty 1, emailable)
- Old Navy Coupon $10 off $50, exp 4/16 (Qty 1, emailable)
- Papa Murphy's Large 14" one topping pizza for $4.99, exp. 4/16 (Qty unlimited, emailable)

Well, at least I got 2 good coupon deals today: the above Papa Murphy's pizza, and FREE gum at Hilander's. Their Stride gum is 3/$2 . . . use the recent $2 off 3 Stride coupon, and it's free!

Hope you're having a better coupon day than I am! :)

P.S. - Have I mentioned that I have gotten my 7th $5 amazon e-gift certificate from Swagbucks? Woohoo!
Yeah for searches with swagbucks and for referred friends who have discovered it too!

CVS Coupon Alert! and a Coupon Giveaway.

The new CVS quarterly coupon booklet was as the Riverside & Apline store yesterday. When you go in the store to your left there are a few short rows of cosmetics/perfumes. There is a magazine rack hanging at the end of one of the rows with a CVS magazine (Jennifer Aniston is on the cover) for .99. All the way at the bottom left is a stack of CVS coupon booklets - trifold outlined in white. These coupons are free.

I picked up a few extra coupon booklets and will be available on Wednesday or Sunday - first come first serve basis!

P.S. The CVS magazine Reinventing Beauty for .99 also has coupons inside. Take a look and see if they would be benefitial for you!

Clearance Deal at CVS on Riverside & Alpine

Make sure you check out the clearance shelf at the CVS on Riverside & Alpine. Yesterday they had the fuzzy "crocs" for .99! A few pairs of navy in boys sizes 5-7; lots of pink girls sizes and a few men's black. Regularly $9.99.

The clearance section is in back left of the store near the baby isles on an end cap.

Walgreens Deals week of 4/12/2009

Here is what you can get for free at Walgreen's this week:

**Scunci Elastics Hair bands - $2
$2 in Register Rewards

**Fiber Choice 10 ct Tablets - $2.49
$2.49 in Register Rewards

**Colgate Max White Toothpaste or Max Fresh Toothbrush - $3.29
$3.29 in Register Rewards
Use $1 off printable coupon to turn this into a money maker! (Click on Sign up now or Sign in if you are a member to print your coupon) There was also a .75 coupon in a recent newspaper insert.

**Chapstick True Shimmer or Naturals - $1.99
$2 Register Rewards

Have you had your V8?

Here is a coupon for $2 off V8 Fusion. Target and Walmart usually have these for $3 or less.

Monday, April 13, 2009

CVS Week of 4/12/2009

Here's what is free this week at CVS:

**Softsoap scrub body wash 18 0z. - $4.99 - limit 1
Use $1 off All you magazine or recent newspaper insert
$4.99 in Extra bucks when you purchase 1
Free - or $1 money maker

**Sobe Life Water - BOGO Free - $1.69 for 2
Use BOGO Free printable coupon
2 for FREE after coupon

**Colgate Sensitive whitening toothpaste or 360 toothbrush - $3.99 (limit 2)
Use .75 coupon from recent newspaper insert or $1 off toothpaste printable
$3.99 in Extra Bucks when you purchase 1
Free or moneymaker depending on coupon used

More Huggies Coupons

Click here to print a Huggies coupon for .50 off wipes and $1.00 off Huggies bath and body product. Remember print two each.

The $1.00 off coupons are also good on wipes too. Walmart and Target have the 46 ct packages usually around $1.50 or less. HOWEVER, I am hanging on to mine as there is a possibility that these will be on sale in the next week or two for $1.00! We all know FREE is better and just because we have a great coupon doesn't mean we use it right away!

Babies R Us Coupon!

Here is a great coupon to use at Babies R Us - $5 off a $25 purchase - in-store on online! Usually their coupons have lots of exclusions but this can be used on anything including formula and diapers! Pair it up with some manufacturer coupons to save even more!

Coupon expires 5/2/09!

(P.S. - MSBC ladies: we have a few showers coming up, and I know Audrey is registered at Babies R Us! Anouk)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Old Navy Coupons are back!

Looks like some of the coupons for Old Navy were pretty great this week (but I wasn't up when they were available!). Obviously, the really good ones are gone, but there are some good ones left. Here is where to find them (thanks slickdeals!)

Week 7 - April 10th, 2009 - April 16th, 2009
- started 11:57pm PST
1) $75 off $100 - Vote for the kids in alphabetical order (Christopher, Kimmy, Natalie, Rita) - GONE in 9 minutes - 12:06AM PST
2) $50 off $100 - Click the hummingbird, appears after 3 minutes...(hint: stay on the burger .. he'll come there) - GONE
3) $10 off 50$ or more - Click the Coupon Counter at the top ..
4) 15% off Purchase - Watch Video @ eighteen seconds in click on Michelle's left earing
5) $10 off your purchase when you buy men's pants and shirt - CLICK on the food on the grill GONE
6) Small clip on girl on left - $10 off 2 girls shirts
7) Black boy's white shirt - $2 off white shirt

Video - Intro Title - 15%
- Glasses at 12 sec - 15%
- Scarf halfway or so - 15%

If you'd like to keep an eye on these coupons yourself, you can go to slickdeals' forum about it here - it gets updated every week when new coupons come out. The coupons get updated sometime late on Thursdays. Happy Hunting!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Vacation stop on your paper

There are no coupon booklets in the paper since it is Easter weekend. I just called and put a vacation stop on my 2 papers for this weekend. Now I have one more week of Sunday coupon papers added to the end of my subscription!

Tribune: 1-800-874-2863
RRStar: 815-987-1400

Just thought some of you might want to know. Call today!

Ask the Readers!

Okay, It's our first Ask the Readers question. This hopefully will be a way that we can pose a question to our fabulous readers and try to find a great deal on items for major purchases, clothing, etc.

Does anyone know of a great place to purchase tires in the Rockford area? Have you had any luck at a particular location or do most of you just look for the best deal at the time you are ready to purchase? I would appreciate your feedback.

We have only been in the Rockford area for less than two years and have never had to replace tires on either vehicle but the time has come. Well the time probably came over the winter when you could hear the air seeping out of the truck tires in the garage on very cold mornings!

Also, I want to thank Anouk for her help in compiling some of the great deals and emailing me some tips you have seen this week. We have a great time here at Pinch a Penny behind the scenes posting about some time sensitive deals in hopes you can all stretch your budget!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Macy's Coupon - $10 off $25

Here is a printable coupon for Macy's! It is a $10 off a $25 purchase good today and tomorrow only.

Simple and Delicious Coupon Book

Go here and click on request your coupon book now, register for Simple and Delicious and you will receive a coupon book worth $10 in savings. Also, there should be a coupon in their for a free bottle of Hunt's ketchup!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Yet another Target Deal!

Hold on to your computer chairs! Remember the $2 off ALL laundry soap coupon we posted about yesterday well Target also has a coupon to make a great deal!

Click here and print two coupons for $1 off ALL laundry soap at Target. Remember you can use one Target coupon and one manufacturer coupon for one bottle!

The current price at either Target in Rockford for the 32 oz of All is $4.54. So that would make the final price $1.54. HOWEVER, this does go on sale periodically and both coupons are good until 5/6/2009.

If you didn't get a chance to print the $2 off coupon you can still print a $1 off manufacturer coupon here.

At least when you are doing laundry you can feel good about the fact you scored a great deal on the soap!

Walgreens Deals 4/5 - 4/11

Here are a few good deals that I got at Walgreens today:

Glade "Lasting Impressions Kit"
$5.99 - On sale
($2.00) - ES Mail Rebate
($4.00) - coupon from last Sunday's paper
FREE (except for taxes)

Oust Surface and Air
$2.99 - On sale
($1.00) - ES Mail Rebate
($2.00) - coupon from last Sunday's paper
FREE (except for taxes)

The following isn't free, but I use the cleansing towelettes (aka makeup remover) and love them, and am getting them for much cheaper than usual.

Garnier Products (Hair or Skin): Buy $20, get $10 (ES Mail Rebate)
$20.00 - 4 of the cleansing towelettes at $5 each
($4.00) - 4 x $1.00 off coupons
($10.00) - ES Mail Rebate
$6.00 for 4 ($1.50 each instead of $5 each)!

If you do Hair Care instead and have 6 coupons:
$20.00 - 6 hair care products (on sale 3/$10 this week)
($6.00) - 6 x $1.00 off coupons
($10.00) - ES Mail Rebate
$4.00 for 6 ($0.67 each)

Or mix the 2:
$10.00 - 2 towelettes at $5 each
$10.00 - 3 hair care product (3/$10)
($2.00) - 2 x $1.00 coupons for skin care
($3.00) - 3 x $1.00 coupons for hair care
($10.00) - ES Mail Rebate
$5.00 for 5 products ($1.00 each)

You get the idea! :) It all depends on what coupons you have.

Don't forget the One A Day Drink Mix that is free after ES Mail Rebate this month. I'm going to attempt buying I bought it (at $1.49) with the $1 off coupon from 3/22 Smartsource coupon. We'll see if it works! Either way, it's free - but it could be a money-maker! It is a money-maker!

Target Huggies Diapers Clearance!

As of 10:30 am this morning the Target on East State has one Jumbo pack of size 3 diapers and three Jumbo packs of size 5 diapers for 50% off. It is on an end cap and they are marked at 14.98 usually 29.99 (I think).

This could be a great deal if anyone has any of the $3 off the natural fit diapers.

Make sure to check out the rest of the Target deals before heading over there and get yourself some cheap Hershey's chocolate.

One more CVS Deal this week!

Excedrin is on sale for $1.99. Use these printable coupons to get some for FREE. Notice in the lower left there are two different coupons. There were also some coupons in recent newspaper inserts for $1.00 off that would make it 99 cents.

CVS Deals week of 4/5/2009

Here are a few deals to mention at CVS this week:

Make sure you scan your CVS card at the coupon machine as it is printing out $10 off a $20 cosmetic coupon for some customers - this will make some of the makeup deals this week money makers. I got one of those and a $20 off a $100 purchase.

**Skintimate Shave Cream - $3.49
$3.49 in Extra bucks
Free after Extra bucks!

**All Revlon Cosmetics B1G1 Free - Use 2 coupons from recent newspaper inserts for free or cheap makeup.

**Cover Girl Cosmetics - spend $20 get $10 in Extra bucks - lots of coupons in recent newspaper inserts

**Olay Skincare - spend $25 get $10 in Extra bucks - lots of coupons in recent newspaper inserts

**Colgate Maxwhite or Maxfresh toothpaste - $2.99
$2 in Extra bucks (limit 1)
Use .75 coupon from recent newspaper insert
.24 after Extra bucks and coupon

**Baby products sale - spend $25 in baby products listed on page 15 get $10 in Extra bucks - lots of coupons out there for these products from recent newspaper inserts and coupons.com for Huggies wipes, click here for some Johnson's and Johnson's coupons.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Target Deals week of 4/5/2009

If you are headed to Target check out these deals:

Dunkin Donuts Coffee - $6.
$1.50 off 2 from the 4/5 newspaper inserts
$.75 off Target coupon
$4.50 a piece after coupons

Vitamin Water - $1.02
$1 off coupon from the4/5 newspaper inserts
.02 after coupon

Hershey's Bliss (Easter candy) - $2.99
$1 off printable coupon
$1 off Target coupon
.99 after coupon for some delectable chocolate!

Almost forgot!

$5 gift card when you buy certain Gillette products in ad.
$7.99 for Gillette Power Fusion
$1.89 for Gillette Shaving Cream
Use $2 off coupon for razor from 4/5 newspaper insert
Use $1 off coupon for shaving cream from 4/5 newspaper insert
$1.88 after coupons and gift card

Happy Shopping!

New Month, New Coupons

Here are a couple coupons to mention from coupons.com:

$.75 off of Huggies wipes - This is a great printable wipes coupon. Use it if you need it but maybe hang onto it for a good sale. Hilander will occasionally put the tubs of Huggies wipes in the 10 for 10 sales.

$2.00 off 2 Kotex pads - Target has the small packages in the travel section for $1.02 and Walmart usually has these not in the travel section for .97.

Be sure to check out the Leapfrog coupons and toy/game coupons they have listed as well. Target has some great sales if you were already eyeing one of these products!

High Dollar All Laundry Soap Coupon TODAY (4/6) Only!

Go here and print a $2 off coupon for All Small and Mighty. It is available today (4/6) only at $2 off, tomorrow (4/7) it will be worth only $1.

Print two and save them for a Buy one Get one free sale for a great deal!

Thanks to Money Saving Mom for the heads up!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Target Prescription Coupon This Sunday's Target ad

Don't throw away that Target ad from Sunday's paper. Inside on page 28 there is a coupon for a FREE $10 giftcard with the purchase of any NEW or transferred prescription.

It doesn't expire until 4/20/2009. This is a great coupon because it can be for a NEW prescription not just a transferred prescription. Hang onto it you never know when you may need it!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Hilander Deals week of 4/2/2009

Just a few good deals to note at Hilander this week:

**Land O'Lakes Butter - $2/4
Use .50 off coupon from recent newspaper
Go here and click on the green simple savings button lower right then register and print two .55 off coupons.
.90 each or $1 each for butter after doubled.

**Duncan Hines cake mix - $1
.35 off coupon from recent newspaper insert.
.30 after coupon.

**Barilla Piccolini Pasta - $1.39
.50 off from recent newspaper insert.
.39 after coupon.

**Barilla Whole Wheat Pasta - $1.39
.50 off from recent newspaper insert.
.39 after coupon.

**Dole Pineapple - $1.00
.55 off two recent newspaper insert.
.45 a piece after coupon.

**Nabisco Artisan Wheat Thins - 2/$4
Use buy one get one free coupon from recent insert.
$1.00 a piece after coupon.

Old Navy Coupons!

Many of you have probably heard of the Old Navy Weekly website that has great coupons if you can score them. It seems the site is usually reloaded with coupons on Thursdays/Fridays. You have to be pretty aggressive and tied to your computer to school some of the high $$$ off $$$ coupons.

However, this morning I noticed it was new and found there are still plenty of 50% off, 40%, off, 30% off and 20% off one item coupons. Check the scroll on top of the screen to see what coupons are available.

Here are some tips to score a coupon:
20% - click on the blue frisbee
40% - click on the corn on the grill a couple times and when smoke comes up click on the smoke (you have to be quick on the mouse)!
50% - watch the picture of the women in the middle and a kite will appear on the left and float across the picture - click on the kite! (EDIT: take the survery across the top and play the rank game and then the kite should show up)

I scored a 50% off and a 40% off which will make my gift card go a lot further! The coupons are good from 4/3/2009 through 4/9/2009. The coupon you print is only good once and can not be shared with others but it appears you can print more than one from each computer as I printed a 50% off and a 40%.

Check it out and let us know what you found!

Family Fun Done Frugally

The first Saturday of the month Home Depot offers FREE kids workshops! These workshops are "how to clinics" designed for 5-12 yr. olds. This Saturday is a window birdhouse. The workshop runs from 9 until noon. You can stop in any time between those hours and do the project.

Keep in mind the birdhouse is a first come first serve basis. If you show up at and they are out of birdhouses however, they will have another project to complete.

Click here for more information on the workshop.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Target Coupons

If you attended the coupons class, you will remember we talked about a website called a full cup. This website has a Target coupon generator. They recently in the past week or so updated the site to make it more user friendly. You do have to register to use a full cup.

Here are a few coupons worth mentioning!

**Johnson's Baby Toiletry - .75 off
Use with the recent $1 off coupons from the newspaper
(Maybe wait for a sale or just check it out next time you are at the store coupon doesn't expire until 4/25/09) There are a few Johnson's products that are around $1.75 - bar soap or safety swabs.

**Market Pantry Fruit Snacks - $1 off
(These are my sons other addiction besides pop-tarts)
The boxes of fruit snacks (10 packs) are $1.52
There are also bags of fruit snacks by the checkout lanes for .89.
FREE w/possible overage or .52 depending on what you buy. One suggestion I have is to buy a box of fruit snacks and then buy five bags and use the .11 overage on each bag to cover your .52 you will owe from the box. (Example: buy 1 box - $1.52 and 5 bags - .89 and use 6 coupons = FREE)

**Suave Professionals shampoos or conditioners - .75 off 2
Combine with the $1 off 2 from Sunday's newspaper and pay $2.09 ($1.92 each) for 2 bottles of Shampoo or conditioner. This would be another to hang on to for a sale. Coupon doesn't expire until 5/16/2009!

TIP: The coupons toward the bottom of the page have expired so click on the coupon and check the dates before you print them!

Home Made Simple Coupon Booklet

Here is a link to register for the Home Made Simple Booklet. This Booklet has coupons for products like Cascade, Dawn, Febreeze, Mr. Clean and Swiffer. Usually, it comes with a coupon for a free bottle of Cascade Rinse Agent available at Target.

The book is in high demand so it may take awhile to come but it is a great resource for free coupons!