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Saturday, October 31, 2009

A great book at a great price!

Note - It doesn't specify in the email I got how long this deal will last, but I think it's one of her "Saturday Only" specials - which would mean it's only available today!

I highly recommend this book to anyone who has some credit card debt, and/or to anyone who wants to budget better, and/or to anyone who wants to make better use of their finances - wait, don't those categories cover everyone?

This book is a more readable & fun version of Mary Hunt's older publication "Debt Proof Living" which helped Jeremy and me tremendously in creating a budget, paying off debt (school loans) more quickly, and having funds for special categories such as vacations, clothes, etc.

Right now, Mary Hunt is offering the book "Living Your Life at Half the Price" (retails $23.99) for 50% off and FREE shipping. You can't beat it! For $11.99 you will have a book that will pay for itself many times over! It sells on Amazon.com for $16.31.

So whether you have thousands of dollars of debt, are living on a fixed income, or just want to make your money "go further," this book is for you! It's worth the money!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Meal Specials

Two Halloween meal specials for our area:

Taco Bell - get a FREE Blackjack taco from 6pm - midnight on Halloween. No purchase necessary.

Sonic - get .50 corndogs from 5pm - 10pm.

Just to be on the safe side if you are interested in the deal, click on the link and call the restaurant you are interested in. There is always that fine print of at participating stores even though they are posted on the official websites!

High dollar Nature Valley Coupon reset!

Go here and print two coupons for $1.60 Nature Valley's Granola Nut Clusters! This is a new link so if you printed it last time you will be able to print it again,

Two more deals at Hilander . . .

Go here and print 2 coupons for .50 off Rotel. They are on sale at Hilander $1.05 with coupons that makes them .05! We like the cilantro and lime and put it in bean salads or melted cheese for dips!

Also, Campbell's Chunky Healthy Request Soup is on sale for .99. Use the .40 off 2 coupon from the newspaper and get them for $.59 a can.

50% off at Payless Shoes with coupon!

Thanks to Oprah . . . Payless is offering a 50% off your entire purchase coupon. This offer is good through the close today, October 30th! Click here to read the details and print or text for your coupon!

Hilander's Mega Event through 11/4/09

It's a Mega event at Hilander buy 10 participating items and get $5 immediately off your order.

There are a few 3 days specials that still run Friday and Saturday:
Halloween Candy for $1.88
Use $1 off printables here for Wonka on the right hand side - print two

As far as the Mega Event goes I really stockpiled! I was thinking holiday's already and trying to plan for all those parties! My total before coupons and Mega sale discount was $204 minus $35 (there is no limit) for the Mega event minus all my coupons - ONLY $67!! I was very excited!!

There is a fantastic website I found that has all the Mega Event items listed with coupon links printable and paper and as you scroll through it you check the items that you want. At the very bottom you click on create list either with coupon match ups or without and print it out. It is awesome! I literally spent less than 45 minutes creating my list and pulling my coupons and saved $137!

This website isn't specifically for our region but I found very few discrepancies from our ad. I will definitely be using her website to create my lists! The Mega event items are even grouped together according to the section they can be found in the store!

Here are some highlights from my trip, these are all Mega Event Items wyb 10 and the printable links can all be found on her website along with her checkable list!

Welch's juice - $1.49 after printable coupon
Pepperidge Farm Crackers - $.99 after printable coupon
Cheez-it Crackers - $.25 after printable coupon
Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks - $.19 after printable coupon and Catalina for buying 3
Keebler Cookies - $.24 after printable coupon
Yoplait Kids - $.69 after printable coupon
Land O Lakes spray butter - $.25 after printable coupon
Smart Balance Butter sticks - $.49 after newspaper coupon
Duncan Hines Frosting - $.17 after newspaper coupon
Bumble Bee Tuna - FREE after newspaper coupon and printable coupons
Betty Crocker Potatoes - $.19 after printable coupon
Carnation Evaporated Milk - FREE after printable coupon
Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chips - $1.50 after printable coupon
Dole Mandarin Oranges - FREE after printable coupon
Uncle Ben's Whole Grain rice - FREE after newspaper coupon
All Laundry Detergent - $1.99 after printable or newspaper coupon
Playtex Gloves - FREE after newspaper coupon and printable coupon
Kleenex - $.66 each after newspaper coupon wyb 3
Tylenol - $.50 after newspaper coupon
Steamfresh Veggies - $.50 with newspaper coupon

I could not find the Hall cough drops she has listed on her list at my Hilander on Mulford near Spring Creek. Also, the Scotch products she has listed were much more at our store.

Keep in mind when you go to her site here our Madness sale runs until Saturday and our ad runs through the end of Wednesday!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Another great holiday "printing" deal

MoneySavingMom has again brought our attention to a great deal like the last one we posted about - this time though, it can help you get your Christmas Card mailing list project!

Read about it here! Sorry to just post a link, but I'm off for a few days and I wanted to bring this to your attention before taking off in a few minutes.

Thanks MoneySavingMom!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Craigslist - Another way to make money from home!

I don't know about you but we have had great success with purchasing items off of Craigslist at a great discount. This summer we bought a Schwinn bike trailer/jogger for $35 regularly $200 in great shape barely used. We also bought a boys 10 in. bike for $20 usually around $60. Both items have gotten a lot of use and the bike has made it downstairs to the basement and will be used all winter.

It stands to reason then that Craigslist is a great place to make money too! Just in the past couple of months I have started exploring this option. It is really easy to post items and FREE!

Here are some tips:
  1. Sign up for an account to manage your listings. You don't have to do this but it is the easiest way to keep track of your items.
  2. Sign up for a FREE email account to use specifically for craigslist items. This also isn't a must if you just want to try it out but you do (even though you check the button not to) get some junk mail.
  3. Post your item and leave it on for a couple days or a week or so. If the item did not sell, copy the text of the ad, delete the ad and re post it. I usually will post an item twice before I give up. It really just depends on if the right person was looking that week.
  4. Really think about what you are posting. Use the season or time of year as your guide. Right now is a good time to post old Halloween costumes, winter jackets, fall clothes, winter clothes, Christmas dresses, Christmas or fall decorations, boots etc. There is a slim chance that someone is going to be looking for beach towels or swimsuits.
  5. Don't put your asking price and then put how much you paid. These are all used items. The main goal is to sell the item and put some cash in your pocket. Be fair with your price and be willing to drop it.
  6. Usually, I will make a pile of at least five things to list, take pictures, and then post them. This way I am not taking pictures of one item, loading them and posting them and two days later doing it all again. You want to save time too!
  7. Also, Tasha a friend of mine gave me the suggestion of telling people that the first person to show up gets the item! This was a great tip because I would have five people contact me and set something up with the first person and they wouldn't show then I was going back to the second person and same scenario. I almost gave up on Craigslist! Play it by ear and see how it works for you!

Let us know how you like Craigslist and if you try it!

BOGO Glade Candle Coupon

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cute, cheap holiday return address labels

Just read about it on MoneySavingMom - haven't tried it myself, but I have bought from VistaPrint before and have always been happy with their products. If you have one of our business cards, you have a VistaPrint product!

Thanks MoneySavingMom!

A giveaway from our friend!

Remember the post Kristie did here? Our friend Sara, who creates wonderful original paintings, is having a giveaway! Be sure to check out her blog and leave a comment to enter the giveaway!

Also be sure to check out her etsy shop where she sells beautiful cards and paintings . . . she also does custom orders (if you order enough in advance, that would make for a great Christmas gift)!

Thanks Sara for a great giveaway!

(P.S. - I haven't forgotten about more posts of how to make money from home . . . they are just a little late in coming. Thanks for your patience!)

Why it's good to print coupons right away

I just wanted to do a quick post to prove the point that it's good to print coupons and hang on to them. When we post about a high value coupon (or a "rare" or popular one), it's because we have it on good authority that a sale is coming soon where you can use the coupon for VERY cheap - or free - items. For example:

Remember the high value coupon for Nature Valley Granola Clusters posted here? I was able to print four of them at the time (using more than one computer), and I got to use them today at Hilander for some more than free snacks! Hilander has them on sale 4/$10, but get $4.00 off your total if you buy four (so essentially, 4 for $6, or $1.50 a piece). I was able to use my $1.60 coupons, and basically get paid $0.10 for each bag (I actually bought something else to cover the extra $0.40). If you have those coupons (or even the $1 ones from the paper) you can take advantage of this deal until tomorrow.

Now here is a coupon I was doubtful about: a $0.50 coupon off of Gold Medal Flour. But at Logli this week, that flour is on sale for $0.99, so I was able to go and get 2 bags of flour for free! Sorry to post about this only today since the sale is only until today: if you really need some free flour, there are still a few hours to take advantage of this deal!

Anyway, just a reminder that it's good to print those coupons! And remember to do it right away - the high value ones usually have a limited print (for example, 10,000), so it's first come, first served!

Huggies Coupon

Go here and print two Huggies coupons for $1.50 off 1 package! I love that Huggies releases their coupons on line. I am sure for them they don't waste time and money mailing them to people who don't have babies!

Updated Walmart Deals.

Check out Centsible Savings for some updated Walmart Deals this week.

There are a few disclaimers I would like to note since these sites are NOT local:

1. Rockford tends to have higher prices than most areas - shocker! Right!? Probably not.
2. Rockford's Walmart might not carry the exact same items.
3. Rockford might not receive the same $ coupons as their papers. We have higher prices and we tend to get lower $ coupons - that just doesn't seem right.
4. We have not verified these deals for you. The deals we list on our site are ones for which we have gone to the store and verified or done ourselves. That would not be the case with these Walmart deals.

Glade deal at Target!

After being house confined due to the children's sickness for 3 days and counting, I had to get out for a moment! Where do I go you might ask? Target of course!

There weren't any specific deals just a list of things one needs in a sick house and more baking supplies since that is what I have been doing while they are catching up on cartoons!

Target is running a great deal on the HOLIDAY Glade products! Buy 5 Glade Holiday products and get a $5 gift card! The Holiday items are $2.50 a piece.

Here is the transaction I did twice:

3 Scented Oil Candle Holders - 2 tins and 1 glass
2 Scented Oil Candle Refill packs
Used 3 $1.50 off 1 Scented Oil Candle Holder
Used 2 buy a Candle get a refill free printable
Paid $3.62 with a gift card of course and received a $5 gift card!

There are lots of coupons out there for these products in different amounts. Check out Couponing to Disney for FIVE different scenarios PLUS submit them for the SC Johnson Rebate we posted earlier on our site PLUS get a FREE music download from Glade!

At Target on 173 there was no sign advertising this deal but as always scan the product at a price checker and if it qualifies it will say Gift Card offer when you scan it. These holiday items are all on an end cap in the cleaning supplies section at 173. The promotion runs through 12/26/09 so if Target is wiped out hold on to your coupons as they are good about restocking quickly!

Also, I had great success in the clothing clearance section of girls and infants! Shirts for $1.48 and $1.74 for next summer and a pair of uniform shorts for $2.48!

Check it out!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Target Deals week of 10/25/2009

Well I think it is a slow week for deals everywhere! I didn't see anything at Target that really stood out and warrants a trip there but in case you see something I don't, I am posting the deals from Stretching a Buck. She usually has the most comprehensive list and accurate list.

Click here for the Target Deals this week from Stretching a Buck. Note she is not in the Rockford area.

The cookie deal is tempting!

Frugal Fall Soap Dispenser!

I was in Bath and Body works the other day and loved the new fall pumpkin soap dispensers. They have two different kinds but they sell for $12 or 2 for $10. As cute as they were there was no way to justify them as a "need".

Well, here is my version for $.30! You may think I am crazy but my kids love it. The idea came from an email I received being a subscriber to the Method product line sold at Target. Method has an orange soap in more of a ball type dispenser so it would look more realistic if you bought one of those. However, I used a bottle of Dial in my stockpile that I bought from Hilander for $.30!

I peeled off the Dial soap label and used goo gone to get rid of the residue. Then I used black electrical tape to cut the shapes.

Free Dole fruit at Hilander

Play this instant win game from Dole and at the end whether you win or lose you will be able to print a .50 off coupon for any Dole fruit product.

Hilander has some different types of Dole canned fruit this week for $1. Print two and get two free cans!

Deals for the week!

Well, I don't see much at Walgreens or CVS that will send me running to either store this week. The fact that it is a slow week and the fact that I have two sick kids will probably keep me away from either store.

I am posting a couple links to the deals for each store from other blogs. These sites are very reliable and generally receive the same coupons we receive. Check them out and see if there is anything you are interested in.

Common Sense with Money CVS Deals week of 10/25
Money Saving Mom CVS Deals week of 10/25
Coupon Craving's What's Free or Cheap at CVS this week

I may be interested in the Nature's Bounty Vitamin Deal!

Common Sense wtih Money Walgreens Deals week of 10/25
Money Saving Mom Walgreens Deals week of 10/25
Coupon Cravings What's Free or Cheap at Walgreens this week

Friday, October 23, 2009

New Target Coupons Released!

Target released $19 worth of new coupons yesterday that don't expire until 11/17/09. Check them out here and don't forget to stack these with manufacturer coupons and sales to save even more! We will keep you posted if we see any great deals with these coupons.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Updated Walmart Deals

Here are two places to check for Updated Walmart deals. If you don't shop at Walmart maybe just take a minute to see what coupons are listed sometimes there are some great printable coupons you could use somewhere else!

There are a few disclaimers I would like to note since these sites are NOT local:

1. Rockford tends to have higher prices than most areas - shocker! Right!? Probably not.
2. Rockford's Walmart might not carry the exact same items.
3. Rockford might not receive the same $ coupons as their papers. We have higher prices and we tend to get lower $ coupons - that just doesn't seem right.
4. We have not verified these deals for you. The deals we list on our site are ones for which we have gone to the store and verified or done ourselves. That would not be the case with these Walmart deals.

Common Sense with Money Update 10/21 Walmart Deals
Centsible Savings Walmart Deals

Target Deals week of 10/18

Just a few things to find at Target this week:

**Airwick I motion Scented Oils - $4.99
Use $4 off 1 from newspaper insert

**Airwick Spray I motion - $4.99
Use $4 off 1 from newspaper insert

**Airwick Starter Kit I motion Ultra - $5.99
Use $6 off coupon from newspaper

**General Mills Halloween Cereal - Boo Berry, Count Chocula, Frankenberry - $1.99
Use $1 off 2 printable here
Use $1 off 2 Target printable here
$.99 each wyb 2

**Leapster Games - $15, $17, $19.99
Use $4 off 1 printable coupon
$11, $13, $15.99 (reg. $24.99)

Also, Walgreens has Chex Mix on sale for $1.50 if you take the ad Target should price match it. Use the $1 off Target coupon here and .50 off coupons at Coupons.com or Smartsource or Pillsbury or Betty Crocker making for lots of FREE Chex mix. Print 2 at each site, 4 at Pillsbury and Betty Crocker!

All varieties of Chex Mix except original are on sale for $1.75 so if you don't want to mess with the price match combine the coupons and pay $.24 a bag! Still a good deal. The Target coupon expires FRIDAY!

I haven't tried the price matching yet but will today or tomorrow and let you know how easy it is!

Thanks Anouk for the Chex Mix price matching tip!

Don't forget your reusable bags to get a .05 credit for each bag used!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sit N Spin

You can snag a Sit N Spin at Target this week for $10! They are on sale for $20 and use the $10 off coupon from the newspaper or the printable coupon here.

Word has it it maybe on rollback at Walmart for $16.52 so you could get it for $6.52. It is worth looking into if you are looking to purchase one!

Monday, October 19, 2009

High value candy coupons

There are some $2 coupons here off both Nestle (24oz+) and Wonka (24oz+) candy (for me, they were on page 2). I'm not sure if the candy Kristie bought at CVS was 24 oz or more, but these are great coupons either way! I may try the CVS candy deals tomorrow with these coupons!

Print these soon as there is a limit! Hope you get yours.

(the link above was not working for me, so here is a new one - I found the candy coupons on page 17 this time!)

CVS Green Tag!

At CVS you can purchase a cute leaf bag tag to attach to any reusable bag. The tag costs $.99, however when you bring in the bag and have the tag scanned after four scans you will receive $1 ECB! You can only receive one scan a day.

Diaper Coupons!

There were some new diaper coupons released on coupons.com. $3/1 Huggies Pure and Natural or $1.50 off Huggies Little Movers or Snugglers Diapers. Print 2 of each per computer here.

Did you join the Luvs Network here? Sign up and get 2 $2.5o off coupons mailed to you. If you are a member sign in and click the option to receive them on the right hand sign and update your account at the bottom to receive them too!

Also, go here and print a coupon for $3 off 1 Comfort Diapers for Baby at Hilander. These go on sale for around $6 a pack and are nice generic diapers!

Walgreens Free Pert and Sure!

Check out this post from Coupon Cravings on how to get 2 Pert Plus and 2 Sure deodorant for FREE this week! You will need two Sunday papers from yesterday or a friend to share coupons and deals with!

If you only have one paper, there were also $1 off coupons for each on the same page so you would pay .50 for each deal!

Ten Commandments of Couponing!

I thought this was a great post from Bargain Briana on the Ten Commandments of Couponing! It goes along well with our Coupon Ethics policy you can find at the top of our page. Enjoy!

CVS trip

Alright so my quick trip to CVS turned into a pretty good deal! Here is the candy deal I did but you should sweeten the deal and add an item or two from this list to use the $5/$25 coupon below!

Here is great news there is a new $5/$25 purchase coupon here.

Buy $20 worth of select candy get $5 in ECB's
I did deal #1 from Money Saving Mom but changed a few things up.
Bought 3 bags of Nestle Candy and used three $1 off 1 printable - $2.50 each
Bought 4 bags of Hershey's Fun Size Bags and used B3G1 coupon from Sunday's paper - $2.50 each
Bought 3 Trident Layers Gum and Used BOGO coupon from Sunday's paper, Used $1 off 2 printable and Used 1 .75 off 1 printable - .99 each
Total for 7 bags of candy and 3 packs of gum after coupons and $5 in ECB's: $7.23!!! and we are stocked for Halloween candy!

A quick trip to Walgreens

After a very busy Sunday Church and Life Group at the house, I ran out to Walgreens and CVS (I will post that later today). It's the first time in a while there were enough items on sale that warrented going Sunday to make sure I could buy what I needed! There were a few deals this week that I was interested in.

Transaction #1:
Glade Scented Oil tin candle - $2.50
Glade Oil candle refills - $2.50 (ringing up at $3.79 incorrectly!)
Used a printable coupon for buy a candle get a refill free
Used a $2/2 Scented Oil candle products from the paper
.50 for both plus received $1 RR wyb 2!
.87 with tax!

Transaction #2
2-Ricola Cough Drops - $1.99
Used the BOGO coupon from the newspaper
Used the .50 off coupon from the Healthy Savings Booklet
.99 for 2 bags of cough drops

4-Starbucks Frappucino - $1.29 w/in ad coupon
Used $1 off printable coupon posted here
.29 each

Kellogg's Pop Tarts - $1.75
$1 RR from 1st Transaction

Halloween Pencil - $.39
The pencil was because you have to have a coupon per each item you are purchasing for the register to accept all your coupons. Since the Starbucks has an in ad coupon plus a $1 coupon for each bottle I needed to add another item that I wouldn't be using a coupon for. The pencil was the cheapest thing I could find.

Total after coupons: $3.43 for 8 items!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Another way to Make Money from Home

If you have a talent or hobby that you enjoy and would like a place to sell your handmade products, check out Etsy.com! Etsy.com is a great place to sell or find unique products that are all handmade. This site allows people to work from home and have a "storefront".

One feature I love about Etsy is that you can also search by area. If you want to support the Rockford area, search for sellers in Rockford and browse their shops. Who knows maybe they will even sell you the product directly with no shipping fees.

As you can see this site works both ways, if you are looking to work from home and make a little money set up a shop and list your items. If you are looking for specialty items and more specifically items made by Rockford artists, you can find that too.

Here are a few Etsy shops we recommend checking out:

Lil Boo and Co - Nicole has some great items listed in her shop. Her store has been open less than a year and is almost up to her 500th sale! Here are a couple pictures of my son using her famous Lil Scribblers. Right now she is having a 20% off sale on all Halloween products! I know Nicole personally and she is a fantastic mom of two cuties and is a great store owner.

Sara's Art - Sara has paintings, prints, cards and jewelery items for sale. My favorite painting is her A, B, C's which appears to be sold out but you can see the painting here. Anouk and I both know Sara from different paths in our lives! Sara is a very sweet, homeschooling mom of 3 adorable kids. Her store has been open about a year and a half with over 150 sales. My purchases from Sara include 3 adorable button rings.
and of course a local Rockford area shop:

Larkin Ring - Amy is a brand new store owner who lives in the Rockford area. She has some great unique items. I love the pink feather hair bow and her bead people are so cute! Amy is a busy stay at home mom of 3 sweeties - I aspire to be as creative and artistic as she is someday but maybe she can just help me every now and then add some flair to my life!

Walgreens Deals week of 10/18

**Triaminic - $4.99, $4 RR wyb 2 or $8 RR wyb 3
Buy 2 and use 2/$2 off from Healthy Savings book
Use 2/$1.50 here in IE or here in Safari

**Zantac 24 or 30 ct $8.99, $8.99 in RR
Use $5 off here or $1 from 8/23/09 SS

**Lindsay Olives $.99 with in-ad coupon
Buy 2 and use $1/2 here
$.98 for 2

**Starbucks Frappucino $1.29 with in-ad coupon
Use $1 off here in IE or here in Safari

**Ricola 2/$3 after in-ad coupon
Use BOGO coupon from 10/11 SS insert
Use $0.50/1 coupon from Walgreens Healthy Savings coupon booklet available at cosmetics counter
$0.50 for two after coupons

**Trident Layers Gum at $1 each, buy 2 get $1 RR
Use the $1/2 coupon here
Free after coupon and RR

**Pert Plus hair products 13.5oz 2/$5, get $2 RR wyb two
Use two $1/1 coupon from 9/13 SS or 10/18SS inserts
OR $1/1 printable coupon here for IE or here for Safari
$1 for two after coupons and RR

**Glade Jar Candles 2/$5, get $2 RR wyb 2
Use $1/1 from 10/4 SS insert
OR $2/2 printable coupon
$2 for two after coupon and RR
Submit for SC Johnson Rebate

**Oral B Crossaction Toothbrush 2/$6 get $3 RR wyb two
Use two $1/1 coupon from 10/11 or 9/27 P& G insert
$1 for two after coupons and RR

**Theraflu and Triaminic $4.99 each get $8 RR wyb three
Check out Common Sense with Money's post for a deal idea and coupon links to pay $2.97 and get $8 in RRs!

Common Sense with Money also has a list of the Monthly RRs deals at the bottom of her post!

Payless Shoes Coupon

Here is a printable coupon for Payless Shoes - 15% off your in store purchase. Enjoy!

CVS Deals week of 10/18/09

Here is what CVS has this week - start stocking up on that Halloween Candy!

**Glade fragrance collection reed diffuser or 4-10 oz candle - $6.99, $6.99 ECBs
Use $3 off from SS 10/4/09
FREE plus moneymaker (limit 1)

**Glade Sense & Spray starter kit or Plug in lasting Impressions - $5
Use $4 off here
$1 after coupon

**$3 General Mills Cereal: $2 ECB wyb 2.
Use $1 off 1 printable in IE or Safari
here, here or here
As low as $1 a box after coupons and ECB's depending on which coupons used.

**Mom's Best Naturals Oatmeal - $1
Use $.75 off printable coupon here (must register)

**Spend $20 on select candy/gum and get $5 ECBs (limit 1)
Check out Money Saving Mom for 3 different deal ideas to score some cheap candy!

**Buy $20 worth of select Health products get $10 ECBs (limit 1)
Check out Money Saving Mom for a deal idea with coupons to score Advil, Robitussin and Chapstick for $.40 an item!

That's what we see for the week, review Money Saving Mom's post for additional needs you may see!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Making money from home

In the next few days Kristie and I will be posting some ways that we and our friends have found ways to make some money from home - and we're not talking of all those "work from home" scams found all over the internet and on street corner signs ("make 10K-20K per month!").

While "working from home" may not pay a full-time or even part-time salary, sometimes it is nice to have something that can bring a little income to the household. It can help pay for vacations, special outings, Christmas gifts, or other kinds of projects that are fun to save for.

Be on the lookout for these tips in the next few days!

If you want to see one of the things I do to make a few extra dollars, come to the Bazaar at Wesley Willows tomorrow, Saturday, between 9AM and 3PM (4141 North Rockton - just north of Riverside; it'll be in the new building to your left). It's a free local event where local crafters and bakers show and sell their wares. There is a resident of Wesley Willows who makes the most beautiful wooden cars, trucks, and semis - and his prices are ridiculously low! My friend Lacey and I will be selling goodies - stop by our booth for a sample and to say hello!

Walmart on E. Riverside

Okay, so I did it. I ventured into Walmart - I tried to remain calm. As most of you know I greatly dislike shopping at Walmart for many reasons. Halloween costumes were my main focus but I thought I would check out a few things since I was there. Here is what I found:

**Glade Soy Candles - 4.9 oz. - $3.00
If you printed off the coupon we posted here, they would be free!

**Snuggle Fabric Softeners Sheets - 80 ct - Fragrance Free - $3.48
Used $3 off coupon from recent newspaper insert

**Boost Kids - $7.97 for Chocolate and Vanilla, $6.00 on clearance for Strawberry
Used $5 off coupons here
$1 - $2.97 for a 6 pack
(I was buying these at Target for $7.99 but the Target on E. State marked them up to $9.49! Yikes! I haven't check the Target on 173 yet as sometimes they are still lower priced.)

My son was seriously doing the chicken nugget dance and song all through the store (I should have video taped him) as that is the one thing my kids love about the Blue store. Of course they decided to clean the fryer and there were no chicken nuggets to be had. He was pretty easily distracted by the offer of a banana and sitting on the purple horse in the doorway as he claims to currently be a monkey!

Freebie Friday from Mom Advice

It's Freebie Friday at Mom Advice and she usually has some interesting this listed every Friday. Check today's Freebie Friday post out here and if you like what you see subscribe to her site to see what she has to offer every Friday!

Are Coupons a Discount or a Form of Payment?

Here is an interesting and informative article from Moms Need to Know about whether or not Coupons are considered a discount or a form of payment. I have always looked at manufacturer coupons as a form of payment. Stores will receive the amount of the coupon used from the manufacturer in $ form which is payment.

Read the article and hopefully it will help you understand how to stack those coupons to your advantage!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

**Jumping Bean Toddler & Infant Shoes** Expired

*** So So So Sorry! I wasn't paying attention enough - this was a deal from yesterday. Sorry to get your hopes up! Thanks Jen for pointing this out!***

Just wanted to point to this post on Baby Cheapskate. Kohls.com has their Jumping Bean toddler and infant shoes for $9.99 today only (reg. $24.99). You can combine it with a coupon code for more savings. Shipping is $5.95 for one or two pairs. If you buy 2 pairs and use the 15% off coupon, your total (with shipping) would be $22.93. See the post on Baby Cheapskate for more details.

Note: I have not tried this deal, and since I don't have children, I'm not even sure if this is a good deal . . . but it sounded like one and might be of interest to someone out there, so I thought I'd post it!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Free music - MP3 download!

Amazon is currently offering "The Best Of The Most Relaxing Classical Music In The Universe" for free! Just click on the link, and click the orange button on the right that says "Get MP3 Album." (You must download the whole album for free - if you try to download the individual songs, they are $0.99 each).

Free music is always good - and you can always delete the songs you don't like without feeling guilty for wasting money. After all, it was free! Enjoy!

Thanks CommonSenseWithMoney!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Another link for free veggies!

Here is one more link to go with the free Green Giant vegetables at Logli's posted about here.

Walgreens Deals week of 10/11/09

Need diapers? Walgreens has a deal that's not too shabby this week for Huggies!

**Huggies - 2/$18 get $4 in RR wyb 2
Use 2 - $2 off printable coupons here in IE or here in Safari
$5 a package after coupons and RR!
(If you have the Walgreens kids coloring book with coupons you can stack the Walgreens Huggies coupon in there to save even more! The Walgreens coloring book to purchase is $1 but has some great coupons.)

**Crest Outlast or Crest Whitening Plus Scope 2/$7 -get $4 in RR
Buy 2 and use 2 x $1 from P&G 9/27/09
.50 each after coupons

**Welch's Grape Juice - 2/$6
Use $1/1 printable
$1 after coupon

**Starbucks Double Shot of Frappuccino $2 after in-ad coupon
Use $1/1 printable coupon here in IE or here in Safari
$1 each after coupons

**Buy $10 in Quaker Products and get $5 in RR
Use 2 $1 off 2 granola bars printable here
$3 for 4 boxes after coupons and RR

Monthly Deals that are all FREE after RR:

**Chapstick Fresh Effects $2.99, Get $2.99 in RR

**Emergen-C Immune + or alert 2 2.5 oz shot pack Booster $3.49, Get $3.49 in RR

**Robitussin To Go 2 ct $2.49, Get $2.49 in RR

**Vaseline Sheer Infusion Body Lotion 6.8 oz $6.99, Get $6.99 in RR
Use $1.50 off from internet if you printed them when we posted them earlier. No longer available.
FREE plus possible overage

**Crest Baking Soda & Peroxide Whitening 6.4 oz 2/$4, Get $2 in RR
Buy 2 and use 2 x $1 off from P&G 9/27/09

**Gillette Fusion MVP Manual or Power Razor System $8.99, Get $6 in RR
Use $4 off from P&G 9/27/09

**Halls Refresh cough drops 20 ct $1, Get $1 RR
Use $.75 from SS 9/27/09 or $.50 from All You magazine October 2009

**Trident Xtra care or Layers gum 2/$2, Get $1 RR wyb 2
Use $1/2 here

**Dentek Floss 55 yard or Picks $2.00, Get $2.00 RR
Use $1.00 off printable coupon

CVS Deals week of 10/11/09

It seems like a slow week this week at CVS. Here are a few deals only good Sunday - Tuesday and the rest are good all week:

**Brach’s Candy Corn--2 bags for $0.88

**Buy a 4-in-1 Carving Tool at $1.99, Get $1.99 ECBs (Limit 2)

**Buy a nylon Trick or Treat Bag at $.99, Get $.99 ECBs (Limit 1)

The deals good all week:

**Buy $15 worth of select Gillette Products, Get $5 ECBs (Limit 1)
There are lots of coupons out there for Gillette Razors, Shaving Cream etc. Depending on the combination your use after coupons and ECBs you could spend as little as $1 a piece or so.

**Kashi Go Lean Cereal - $3
If you are a member of Voclapoint you could get these free!
$1.50 of 1 printable here in IE or here in Safari

**Schick Disposable Razors–on sale Buy One, Get One 50% Off (prices starting at $1.29)
Buy 2 at $1.29 each and use 2 $2/1 coupon from the 9/13 or 10/11 Smartsource
FREE after coupons

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Full Class!

Just a couple pictures from our Advanced Couponing class on Saturday. We had fun and hope everyone who came did too!

Attention Logli Shoppers

We had a great Advanced Coupon class yesterday with a full room of eager couponers at all levels! They brought to our attention a deal at Logli that is good through Tuesday. I have to admit since I have lived in Rockford I have only stepped foot in a Logli once but might just make a trip before Tuesday.

Green Valley Steamers frozen vegetables are on sale for $1. Use the .50 off coupons from here and here to get some free vegetables! There were also some coupons from recent newspaper inserts. Look for birds eye coupons too as they are on sale for $1.

Pillsbury products are also on sale for $1 and paired with these coupons we posted here will get you some free Pillsbury items! There are also coupons for Pillsbury items at the two links listed above where you can find the vegetable coupons.

Remember Logli doubles coupons everyday up to .55!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Babies R Us Deal on Pampers through Monday!

Check out this post here from Baby Cheapskate on how to get a $15 Toys R Us/Babies R Us gift card when you buy two boxes of Pampers through Monday at Babies R Us.

She also posted a link to print a $5 off coupon for each box and combine with any manufacturer coupons too!

Sorry, we do not know the price of the boxes of the Pampers but with the gift card AND the coupons this should be a good deal!

Printable Best Buy Coupons

These printable Best Buy Coupons are good this weekend only but thought with only 11 shopping weeks until Christmas . . . they may come in handy for someone!

Yep we said . . . Christmas is on it's way!

Rainforest Cafe Coupon!

This is a great coupon for Rainforest Cafe! $10 off any $25 food and beverage coupon. This coupon doesn't expire until 12/31/2009!

We realize there isn't one in Rockford but the nearest one is in Schaumburg, IL at the Woodfield Shopping Center only about 45 minutes away. So if you are headed that way, print the coupon and enjoy the experience!

Join us today for Advanced Couponing!

Just a reminder on this cold frosty morning, to come join us at the East State Street Library at 1pm for Advanced Couponing!

We will go more in depth on creating a price list, stockpiling, and using coupons and sales to save even more money!

See you there!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Free quart of paint

Remember the free quart of paint here? Well, Glidden's at it again! Last time I picked a far-out color (almost fuchsia), so this time I went with a more neutral color: Ground Nutmeg.

This offer is a little bit different from the last one in that you have to mail in the form and a label (just of the brand name) off of a paint can. We have so many paint cans in the basement, I knew this wouldn't be a problem.

So go here and get your free quart of paint! Use it for a small project, or just for something fun!

Thanks for the tip, MoneySavingMom!

Note: when I first was picking my color, I got "off the beaten path" of the free quart offer, so I came back to the site and clicked on the link again, picked my color, and it was easy from then. Just wanted to let you know in case you're like me and say "how do I get to step 2?" Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Snow White DVD Coupon!

If you have a daughter, you are familiar with Snow White! I worked the book fair yesterday at my daughter's school and found that the one book that was heavily sought after was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs!

Today Snow White is re-released on DVD and can be found for $19.99 at most stores. Go here to print off a $10 off coupon in IE or here in Safari. If you prefer to purchase it online through Amazon use the code snowwhite at checkout for $10 off.

PLUS, there is a $5 rebate here from Hefty if you purchase Snow White and any Hefty Plate, Easy Grip, Cup, or Baggies. Check your coupons as there are some Hefty plate ones and baggies coupons out there right now too!

Even better if you are a Swagbucks user and have been cashing in your Swagbucks for $5 Amazon gift cards you could get this for free!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ask the Readers

I'm curious to know how many of you got the Burlington Coat factory flier in the mail that Kristie mentioned here. I always get excited when I get a $10 off of $10 purchase (or any amount that basically gives you a freebie)!

So here's a fun question: if you did get it, what did you choose to purchase with it?

I went to the new store at Machesney Park Mall - it's very bright and clean! I didn't get to browse much because of time AND because I found what I wanted at the very front of the store - a watch! I've been needing a watch, and found one I like for $9.99

I walked out of the store with a new watch and having not paid a penny! Nope, not even tax! Woohoo! What about you?

Tonight's the night!

Just a reminder that tonight at 6:30pm at the East State Street Library we will be hosting our Couponing 101 class! This is a great class to get you introduced into couponing. We cover the basics of where to get coupons, how to organize your coupons and tips on when and how to use those coupons to get items at rock bottom prices.

We would love to see you there!

Then on Saturday at 1pm, come for Advanced Couponing!

High $ Glade Coupon

These usually don't last long so print two while they are available. $3.50 off 1 Glade Fragrance Collection product excluding the 2 oz. candle. This week the 4.9 oz. candles are $3.99 at Walgreens but I am sure Target and Walmart are close to that everyday price.

Thanks Common Sense with Money!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Target Deals for the week of 10/4!

One good deal this week at Target is:

**Get a $5 gift card when you buy 5 Mott's items listed below:
Mott's Juice (64 oz) or Applesauce (6 pk) - $1.75/ea
It's like getting this for $0.75/ea when you buy 5, after gift card unfortunately there are no coupons right now for Mott's juice or applesauce but that is still a good deal!

**Quaker Chewy Granola Bars (10 ct) - $2/ea
Use $1/2 here or in 8/30 Red Plum insert
Use $0.50/1 Target Coupon here print two
$1 each when you buy 2

**Chex Mix 3.75 oz - near registers - $0.99
Use $1/1 Target coupon here

**Chex Mix 8 oz - $1.99
Use $1/1 Target coupon here
Use $.50 off printable here
.49 each after coupon

**Lysol Products on Sale
Wipes and selected cleaners - $2.29
Lysol toilet bowl cleaner and selected sprays - $1.99
Use printable coupons here after you register - prices vary depending on product you purchase and coupons used can be as low as $.99!

Updated Walmart Deals!

Check out this post from Centsible Savings with some updated Walmart deals . . . here is our standard disclaimer for Walmart otherwise - Good luck!

There are a few disclaimers I would like to note since these sites are NOT local:

1. Rockford tends to have higher prices than most areas - shocker! Right!? Probably not.
2. Rockford's Walmart might not carry the exact same items.
3. Rockford might not receive the same $ coupons as their papers. We have higher prices and we tend to get lower $ coupons - that just doesn't seem right.
4. We have not verified these deals for you. The deals we list on our site are ones for which we have gone to the store and verified or done ourselves. That would not be the case with these Walmart deals.

One more FREE item at CVS!

At CVS this week Reese's Peanut Butter cups are on sale BOGO or .89 for 2. Use the BOGO Free coupon from a recent newspaper insert and get both for FREE. Ahhh more FREE chocolate! Yum!!

20% off at Big Lots until Oct. 10th!

Go here and become a member of the Buzz Club, then go here and print a coupon for 20% off your total purchase at Big Lots through October 10th!

Thanks to Money Saving Mom!

Walmart and Gazelle

Walmart has recently partnered with Gazelle to help you recycle old electronics. You can even receive gift cards for certain items depending on the condition.

Items they accept for trade:
Cell Phones & PDA’s, Cameras, Computers and Accessories, Video Games and Consoles, GPS Devices, MP3 and Audio Players, Movie and Blu-ray players.

Read more here at Keeping the Kingdom First and then try it out! If you do and it works for you, let us know. The item I had did not qualify because it isn't in working condition but they will recycle it properly for free!

Please note we have not tried it ourselves but thought maybe it would help a reader or two earn a little extra spending money!

Snapple Coupon

This is a great coupon for Snapple! .55 off 1 which will double at Hilander and most likely get you a free bottle. They are often on sale for $1 so this would be free. The coupon only has a 1 print limit.

Print it here in IE or here in Safari.

CVS Deals week of 10/4/09!

Here are a few good deals this week at CVS:

**Tone 2pk bar soap - $1.88 get $1 ECB (limit 1)
Use $1 off 1 printable coupon in IE or Safari (print twice once for this deal and once for the next deal)
FREE after coupon and ECB

**Tone body wash - $3.99 get $1 ECB (limit 1)
Use $1 off printable coupon FROM ABOVE LINKS
$1.99 after coupon and ECB not FREE but ok price

**Colgate Total Toothpaste or 360 toothbrush - $2.99 get $2 in ECB (limit 1)
Use $1 off Total Toothpaste or 360 toothbrush from recent insert
FREE after coupon and ECB

**Revelon Nailpolish - $3.99 get $3 in ECB (limit 6)
Use $1 off coupon from recent newspaper insert
FREE after coupon and ECB

**Clean and Clear - $.99 in travel section
Use $1 off coupon from recent insert

**Arrid or Arm & Hammer Deodorant - $1.99 get $1 ECB (limit 1)
$0.99 after ECBs

**Cheerios Single serve containers - $1
Use $1 off 1 printable coupon in IE or Safari here

Friday, October 2, 2009

Check it out!!!

Notice anything new? Well not if you get the reader via email but go to our site and have a look around. You can print coupons from Coupons.com directly from our website! Conveniently located on the right hand side of the screen!

Also, it is a new month so click on the link and browse the new coupons. There are lots of coupons for toys and they don't expire until next year BUT print them while they are there because they won't last long. Hang on to them for a Christmas sale to get some great deals!

There are new Chex mix coupons too! Combine those with the $1 off Target coupon here to get a cheap yummy snack!

Go! Take a look at Pinch-a-Penny!

Hilander Deals through Wednesday!

Not much to mention this week but a few items worth checking out if you are headed to Hilander:

**Dannon Yogurt Immunity Drinks 4pk and Dannon Activia 6pk - $1.99
Use $1 off coupons from newspaper inserts (3 of each coupon)

**Campbells Tomato Soup - $.50
Use $1 off 2 printable

**Suave Naturals or Prof Shampoo or Conditioners - $1.28
$1 off 2 from recent newspaper insert
$.78 each

**Totino's Pizza Rolls - $.99
Use .40 off coupons from recent newspaper

$5 Rebate for 3 SC Johnson Products

I am not usually a huge fan of rebates but if they are on products I already purchase and convenient to do then I will submit them.

This is a great rebate! $5 off 3 SC Johnson Products! Participating products are Glade, Ziploc, Windex, Scrubbing Bubbles, Pledge, Shout, Fantastik, Drano, Raid, Off, Saran and Nature’s Source. Click here to get the form.

Most rebates are 1 per household BUT this one is 3! Each rebate must be submitted in a separate envelope!

Great coupon for Trident gum!

Here is a great coupon for Trident Layers gum! Print up to 5, yes FIVE $.75 off 1 pack of Trident layers gum! Just keep hitting the back and refresh button and print until you have reached your limit.

I have seen this gum at Hilander for BOGO which with 2 coupons would make this FREE. Also, you should be able to get it free after RR's at Walgreens next week.

Thanks MoneySavingMom!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kmart's replenishing

I just called Kmart on East State here in Rockford. They just got a truck in today and the stuff should be on the shelves (or still being put on the shelves) tomorrow morning. I'm saving myself the trip out there until tomorrow, because I know that on double-coupon weeks, they run out of the "good stuff" (a.k.a. the really-cheap-after-doubled-coupon stuff).

Just a head's up!

Candy coupons & cheap costumes

If you want candy for yourself (or for the 31st), there are a couple of $1 coupons here both for Nestle and Willy Wonka candy. If you want them for yourself, save them for after Halloween sales. If you want them for the 31st, maybe take them to Kmart where they will be doubled this week.

Also, I was in the Dollar Tree store on State the other day. They have a lot of costume pieces, all for a dollar. If we had boys at home, I'd buy the knight shield and breastplate armor for some fun playtime! For $2, they'd sure have fun! There were tutus, swords, hats, etc. This is the time to get some costumes, if not for Halloween, then for play-time! Check it out!

Thanks to MoneySavingMom!