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Sunday, October 31, 2010

FREE Veggie Tales Christmas CD

Go here and download The Incredible Singing Christmas Tree CD for FREE from amazon! Not sure how long it will stay free so grab it now!

We just recently grabbed two of their CD's and I find myself singing along with them even when I am alone in the car . . . which is pretty rare but none the less the kids and I love them.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Watch your coupons at Target

Here is a great article from the Chicago Tribune explaining issues with coupons at Target stores. Target has been aware of a coupon scanning/computer problem with their registers since August and it has yet to be rectify the situation.

Target is one of my favorite stores but for them to be fully aware of a problem and not have a solution is incredible.

This is a good read and one reason why I haven't posted deals for Target in a while. I thought for sure this problem would be resolved by now. This also really affects gift card deals with the use of multiple coupons. Let's hope this prompts Target corporation to find a solution!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hilander Mega Event & Candy!

Just wanted to let you know that if you still plan on taking advantage of the Mega Event going on at Hilander until tomorrow, there is another great deal going on.

The Willy Wonka 12 oz Laffy Taffy and Nerd packages are part of the Mega Event making them $1.49 each ($1.99 regularly) when you buy 10 participating items. I bought 4 today along with 6 other products and was able to use the $1.00/2 coupon from this past Sunday's Red Plum insert (I only had one, would have been a sweeter deal with 2 coupons). To my surprise, a Nestle catalina for $3 printed, which I used for my next transaction!

So 4 packages of candy = 4 x $1.49 = $5.96
Take away $1.00 from coupon = $4.96
Take away the $3.00 catalina = $1.96

Not too shabby for over 130 pieces of candy!

Gluten Free FYI

Just wanted to let the Rockford area people know that the Hilander on S. Alpine is now carrying Udi Gluten Free products! It's expensive, but very hard to find and definitely some of the best gluten free breads, granola, and cinnamon rolls on the market! You'll find it on its own display rack in the bakery section. You can check out the online website for Udi here and sign up for their specials and coupons.

Hope this helps someone out there! Check out your Hilander (or other grocery stores) and post if your store carries Udi also. Thanks!

Giveaways on Ellis Blog

My friend Danita has a blog where she does a lot of reviews for products and often has something to give away to one of her readers. This week is no exception - she has a giveaway that started today: it's a cookbook called "The Family Dinner."

So far there are only 3 entries, so be sure to enter since there is a great chance of winning! I won the fogless mirror giveaway just last month and it's a great product.

Have a great day and hope one of us wins the cookbook!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Two great copuons to use at Hilander this week!

Hilander is having a Mega Event sale! This is the sale where you buy 10 qualifying items and get $5 off instantly. Combine the sale with coupons that double and get some stock up prices!

Here are two coupons that will be free after sale and coupons!

$5 off 5 Kraft cheese products - Cream cheese (.99) will be FREE (wyb 10 mix and match)

$1 off 2 packages of Chips Ahoy Cookies - The snack cups are (.49) and will be FREE (wyb 10)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Betty Crocker Gluten Free Coupon

Here's something you don't see often! A $0.75 coupon for Betty Crocker's Gluten free dessert mix! Print it now before they are gone! Remember, just hit the back button to print it a second time! If you don't need this coupon, print it for a friend who does!

Homemade "green" Clorox wipes

I love the convenience of Clorox wipes - but I don't like the cost, so I don't buy them often. In fact, I think the last time I had them was over a year ago. But I do think about buying them sometimes . . . until I see the price!

So when I saw this post on Homemade Clorox Wipes I was definitely intrigued! And I like the idea! I have tons of old white t-shirts that could be used for this. Although she does it more for "health" and green reasons, I'm tempted to try this out. What do you think?

My only problem is that I don't have half of the ingredients! I do have water and vinegar, but not castille soap or tea tree oil. Anyone know where I can get my hands on this stuff without paying an arm and a leg?

Thanks for the intriguing post, liverenewed.com!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Remember Groupon?

If you subscribe to email updates, I want to apologize for sending the same post to you twice! I was trying to edit it with the fact that I decided to take advantage of the Groupon deal I posted about earlier today. I didn't realize it would essentially "repost" it and send out a new email. Sorry!

For those of you who don't subscribe via email, I was just so excited to share that I just purchased my first Groupon! I bought two of these for gifts, but I won't say for whom just in case those two happen to be reading this post!

I also just realized that you can get $10 per person you refer to Groupon. So if you signed up, be sure to refer your friends to Groupon and get $10 each time one signs up! If you haven't signed up yet, and would like to, you can always
sign up with me as your referral! Remember, it's free to sign up - no cost until you decide to take advantage of one of the deals like I did today!

Gotta love getting Christmas gifts checked off the list!

Preparing for next summer at Ulta

Ulta is not usually an inexpensive place to shop, but the one on State St here in Rockford, IL currently has 50% off the lowest clearanced prices (red tag only). There are a lot of things there from nail polish and makeup, to workout DVDs, to lotions, and all kinds of other things. Their clearance prices crack me up, but the extra 50% off coupled with one of their coupons (you can print one here for $5 off a $10 purchase), can get you some pretty good deals!

Here's what I got (black is clearance price, green is with the 50% off, red was my price after coupon:
Aveeno SPF 70 Sunblock Spray - $10.99 / $5.49 / $2.87
Water Babies SPF 55 Sunscreen stick - $5.99 / $2.99 / $1.56
Nivea Lip balm SPF 30 - $2.99 / $1.49 / $0.78
Ulta travel sized hairspray - $0.99 /$0.49 / $0.26

Total after coupon and with tax: $5.91

Now I didn't get anything "free" per say, but I needed sunscreen for next summer (and my husband can only stand the spray which is usually quite expensive) and some to carry in my purse. I desperately needed some lip balm too (yes, I know there were some available for free after rewards at Walgreens, but I didn't make it there) . . . so all in all, I'm pretty happy.

Note: Be sure to check the expiration dates! Some of the sunscreen/sunblock stuff expired at the end of this year, but the ones I got are good until 2012!

Christmas gift idea? Personalized jewelry? Read on!

Have you Grouponed yet? There is no cost and you can get some pretty good deals. The basic idea is that a company will offer a discount on their services / goods and if enough people decide to take advantage of it, it's open season!

I haven't taken advantage of any deals yet, but have to say that many have been tempting. Most of the Groupon deals for me are for the Chicago area, but many times there are also deals that are nation wide (usually an online shop). If you're a reader from outside of the state of Illinois, Groupon has a list of cities from all over the country for you to pick from.

If you like jewelry or need a good idea for a gift for a parent or grandparent or friend, today's deal may be for you! You can get a personalized necklace (or other jewelry) for half off! Groupon is offering that for $12 you get $25 worth of personalized jewelry from "Love Stamped." Shipping is free, so you could possibly buy a necklace for $12 out of pocket! (I think there are 2 necklaces that are $25, some for $27.50, and many at $32. Still even if you buy a $32 necklace, you'd only be paying $19 out of pocket)!

Note: I just purchased my first Groupon! I bought two of these, but I won't say for whom in case they are reading this post! I also just realized that you can get $10 per person you refer to Groupon. So if you signed up, be sure to refer your friends to Groupon and get $10 per friend who signs up! If you haven't signed up yet, and would like to, you can sign up with me as your referral (thanks!) Remember, it's free - no cost until you decide to take advantage of one of the deals!

Free meal for kids at Chili's

If you go to Chili's on October 30th or 31st, and if your kids are costumed up, they get to eat for free! Check out the details here:

"Kids eat free at Chili's Halloween weekend"

(Note: one free kid's meal for every adult entree purchased)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Helping New Moms

We are blessed at our church to have some very new additions, the latest one having just been born today. By the end of November we will have 3 "newborn boys" (well, all under 3 months) in our nursery.

Today, when I saw this post on "The Finer Things In Life" I couldn't help but want to share it with others and try to implement a few of them to help out these moms! Even if you're in a difficult financial time in your life, some of these would make great "free" gifts - just make up a coupon for the new mom (i.e. - I'll clean your kitchen) and give it to her for a gift!

Hope you enjoy the read! "Encouragement for New Moms"

Thanks for the tips Jen!

Some coupons you might want to print

Here are some of the best deals I found on MoneySavingMom's website today. Go check it out!

$1.50 coupon off Coffee Mate

2 Free Photo Cards at Walmart

$1 coupon off Reach toothbrush

Play a memory game and get free Via Starbucks samples

Thanks MoneySavingMom!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

100% back in Rewards at Office Depot!

Are you a Worklife Rewards Card carrier? If not, you'll want to get one here! If you want to take advantage of the deals below, you'll need one. It is similar to CVS or Hilander (Kroger)'s card - no fees, just advantages!

Office Depot always has some kind of deal going on where if a Worklife Rewards member purchases an advertised "something" at the full price, they get 50% back in rewards (in form of Office Depot gift card). You'll have to pay out of pocket the first time, but then you can roll your reward into other purchase to get more rewards!

Right now until October 9, they have a deal going where you get 100% back in Rewards card if you purchase certain items (binders, coffee K-cup, legal pads, address labels). Check out all the items here. Apparently you are limited to two of each item per day, so have at it! And remember to Google for Office Depot coupons! My favorite place to find them is at Slickdeals.net here.

Again, if you don't have a Worklife Rewards Card, you can sign up for it here. I have one and love it because every time I purchase anything at Office Depot I get 1% back on my card. If I purchase paper or ink, I get 10% back. The rewards are given a few weeks after the end of the quarter, and must reach at least $10 before being issued. If it is less than $10, it will be carried over until the next quarter.

Deal example: Last month I used the $55 gift card from the previous quarter (from a paper deal this summer) to purchase 2 cases of paper and some pens which put my total at just over $75. I had a $15 off $75 coupon, so I paid just under $7 total, tax included. Plus, I'm getting back 50% of the paper cases cost ($36) at the end of the quarter! What a deal!

Target Catalinas!

If you have been to Target anytime recently, you may have noticed the new coupon printing machines they have instead of coupons printing out with your receipt. Most of these appear to be manufacturer coupons instead of Target coupons but it also seems they will be printing Catalina's too!

For those of you who don't know what a Catalina is - it is a coupon that prints off that gives you $'s off your next purchase. They can be used just like cash or gift cards etc.

For instance a slip printed that notified me for the following:
Buy Nature Valley Granola Bars between 10/4 & 10/31
Buy (3) & get $1.50...or
Buy (4) & get $2.50...or
Buy (5) or more & get $3.50

So, deals at Target could get more interesting! We will keep you posted if there are any great coupon match ups with these Catalina's!

Monday, October 4, 2010

CVS Deal this week!

If you are headed to CVS this week, make sure you scan your CVS card at the coupon scanner! They are offering a $5 off Halloween Costumes or Accessories. There are lots of items for $5 or less. Just make sure you spend at least the $5 or the coupon won't go through.

I purchased 4 glow sticks and 2 glow bracelet packets at .99 each and paid $1.01 for all of them! We use these all the time!

The coupon must be used the day you receive it!

FREE Nivea Chapstick at Walgreens!

If you received yesterdays Chicago Tribune, there were two coupons for Nivea Lip Care Items. $1 off 1 Nivea Lip Care and $2 off 2 Nivea Lip Care items. This week at Walgreen's they are $1! Just in time to stock up for the dry winter season! Just pay tax and get 3 Nivea Lip Care items!

Don't worry if you make it to Walgreen's and they are out just take the sale flyer in it's entirety to Target and have them price match and use your coupons there!

There was a printable coupon for $2 off 2 that ran out of its print limit. If it returns this week, I will post it!