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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Radio savings!

I'm so mad at myself - I meant to post this last night and forgot.

Tune in to WROK 1440AM on Saturdays between 9-10 AM. They have what they call "Smart Shopper" where they offer great deals on many things - at least at a 50% discount!

Here are some of the deals Jeremy and I have gotten in the past:

$5 Jimmy John's GC (gift certificate) for $2
$12 Oil Change at Tuffy's (for a mid-grade - retails around $27)
$8 for a voucher for a 2 topping pizza, cinnamon wheel, and 2L pop from Papa Murphy's ($16 value)

Jeremy just called me (at 9:38am)- he was listening in the car on the way to work and said that they were offering an oil change at Saturn of Rockford for $5! Wow! I just called in and got it! Woohoo!

So anyway, it's a local thing. They often offer GC to specialty shops and local restaurants for at least 50% off. The way to get the deals is to listen and call in (815-398-9765) when you hear a deal you like. If you're a first-time caller, they will get your info and give you an ID# (which you will use for future calls). Then you can either send in your check or go to their office on a weekday during business hours (you get it faster that way).

They do have "rules" such as you can only get one GC of each (but don't wait until the end of the show to call in with all your choices - some of them run out quickly!), and you can only get one per month of the same kind (i.e. we got Saturn's oil change certificate this week . . . if they offer it again next week, I can't get it. I have to wait a month).

Sorry this post is too late for this week! But listen next week to WROK 1440AM from 9 to 10 AM next week and snag some deals! And I'd like to thank Jeremy for pointing this great resource out to me! I must be rubbing off on him :)

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Ali said...

I think you're talking about the Radio Shopping Show. radioshoppingshow.com
You can listen to the radio show online. The site tells how things work. We live in Poplar Grove and have certificates mailed to us for $2. They send you $2 worth of certificates toward your next purchase. You do get half off or better. We've used this radio show for over ten years now I think. We've saved ALOT of money when we go to the WI Dells and also locally. I heard recently that Rockford has a radio show now with this type of discount. Maybe your site has info. on that. I'll look around. I'm a newbie to your site. Happy Savings!! :)