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Saturday, May 30, 2009

An almost free ice-pack

So something happened yesterday that now my neck/shoulder muscles are having spasms - although it feels more like my neck is broken, but I doubt it is! Anyway, after seeing the Chiropractor today and getting instructions about icing my neck & shoulders, I asked him where to get a good ice pack (my ice cubes in a bag don't work well, and I don't want to thaw my bag of frozen peas).

So here's what he said - and I tried it and it works!

Take a couple of gallon-size ziploc bags. In one of them, put one part rubbing alcohol, two parts water (I did 1 cup/2 cups). Seal that bag, then put it inside the other back (extra leakage protection!).

Apparently the more alcohol concentration there is, the softer the gel. If you want it a little more "solid" ice pack, add more water. Be sure to put "DO NOT EAT" on the bag (although why anyone who can read would eat a white gellish substance is beyond me!)

Maybe this is "old news" to some of you, but it was new to me! I sit here typing this post with a very flexible/gel-like ice pack on my neck and shoulder! Woohoo!

Have you made your own ice-pack before? I've heard of using Palmolive and freezing that in a bag - what about you? Post your "recipes" here.

1 comment:

Robin Hayes said...

Hi, Anouk. I hope that you are not having muscle spasms anymore!