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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Coupon Ethics

When we post deals that we find around town, one main concern we have is that we be ethical in how we complete these deals. We do not condone the use of a coupon in a way that a coupon isn't intended to be used.

Once we have researched a deal and a coupon on the internet and/or in the stores, and we find that it is a good/legit deal, we will post about it. It may be that you will find on other sites some deals that are of interest to you, but that aren't posted here. Feel free to send us an email: we can check it out, or maybe we already have and have decided it wasn't legit or ethical.

Here is an example: Target currently has regular Aveeno lotion for $2.99. Aveeno has a printable coupon for Positively Ageless lotion, $10 off of 3. Some people are using the coupon to get the 3 bottles of regular lotion at Target for free. The problem for us is that the coupon is specific in its wording: it must be positively ageless lotion not just Aveeno lotion.

We want manufacturers to continue to provide great coupons, so we need to make sure we honor their rules of how they are to be used!

Always use legit coupons! Also, get to know the cashiers at the stores you frequent - even save some coupons for them to get a good deal at their store!

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