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Friday, July 17, 2009

Birthday Clubs

Since this month was my birthday, I was able to "cash in" on a lot of my birthday club memberships. What is my definition of a birthday club, you may ask?

My definition of it is a restaurant that sends you some coupons for some free stuff on your birthday! I've signed up for multiple email-clubs because of the coupons, and it's been worth it. Not only do they send stuff for my b'day, they also send coupons throughout the year. Here are some of the ones I'd recommend, with a list of a few of the coupons I've gotten from them in the past (the ones I can remember):

Chili's: sign up here, and receive a coupon for free chips and queso within 48 hours!
- for my b'day, free molten-cake dessert w/ purchase of an entree
- $5 off purchase of 2 entrees
- free queso (Jeremy's ultimate FAVORITE) w/ purchase of entree

Texas Road House: sign up here, (I think you get a free appetizer)
- for my b'day, a free appetizer, no purchase necessary!
- for my one year anniversary of signing up for the VIP club, free appetizer, no purchase necessary

bd's mongolian barbeque: sign up here and get something free
- for my b'day, a free stir-fry, no purchase necessary
- $5 off purchase when I signed up

Lone Star Steakhouse: sign up here (scroll to bottom right)
- for my b'day, a free entree up to $15, no purchase necessary
- $5 off a $15 to go purchase

T.G.I. Friday's: sign up here and receive a free appetizer or dessert!
- for my b'day, free dessert w/ purchase of an entree
- free appetizer for signing up
- buy one entree get a second for only $1

Papa Murphy's: sign up here or in the store
Disclaimer: I signed up in the store, and receive emails with deals specifically from that store on Alpine. I'm assuming that if you sign up online, you'll get the same thing, but I'm not sure.
- nothing for my b'day
- usually get coupon deals once or twice a month for $ off a certain pizza.

Ruby Tuesday's: sign up here
- Buy one get one free entree

Well, those are a few of the ones out there. If you plan on signing up for these, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

- Don't sign up for all of them on the same day unless you plan on eating out a lot in the following week or two and need coupons. Most of these places send you a "sign up" gift coupon that is good for a few weeks. Spread it out!

- Watch for a welcome email from them, and if you don't get one, check your junk mail. Some filters are ultra sensitive and will block these types of emails because they have lots of graphics. If it shows up in your junk mail, be sure to "allow" the email address so you make sure you receive future coupons.

- Don't feel like you have to use all the coupons. The point is to save money, not to spend more just so you can use your coupon! I didn't use all my b'day coupons - I even forgot to use the free entree one from Lone Star (and that was a no purchase necessary one - grr!). But that's OK. I still got my bd's free stir fry, my dessert from Chili's, and my free appetizer from Texas Roadhouse (cheap date - we just paid for the drinks).

- Please, please, please, when you use a coupon, tip your waiter/waitress on the FULL amount of your bill, not the adjusted part. They worked just as hard for your $10 bill than they would have for a $20 one. In the whole scope of things, it's just $1 or $2 more out of your pocket.


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