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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A "Krazy" deal at Target this week!

Okay, and you thought we were crazy?! Here is a great scenario that the Krazy Coupon Lady put together to get a ton of Kashi products for less than $4!!! AND no newspaper needed - just print your coupons and head to the nearest Target.

I am just putting up the direct link because why waste time typing it up ourselves when the Krazy Coupon Lady did it a great job for us! She has all the links you need to print and lays it out just lovely for you to understand.

The only piece of information that we have for you is that we have never seen the Kashi Waffles at either Target?! So, you can print your coupons for those if you want but I have never seen these at either 173 or E. State.

Click here for a great deal on Kashi products!!


mommymular said...

I had a hard time finding the Kashi waffles, too. They're not with the regular waffles, they're with the health food stuff.

Kristie said...

Which Target? I was at 173 yesterday and I still did not find them.