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Friday, July 31, 2009

More on Target!

Okay now that I found my receipt (it was right in my wallet where it should have been . . duh!) here are a few more deals:

**Suave shampoos/conditioners etc - $1.58
Use $1 off 2 from recent insert
$1.08 each after coupon
(I used these on the kids detangler and shampoo!)

**Suave Body Washes - $1.50
Use $1 off 2 from recent insert
$1 each after coupon
(These smell as fabulous as Bath and Body works - I love them!)

There were some other deals but their shelves where really low or empty after I grab the last one or two.

Good luck!

FREE Chocolate Friday . . . again!

Just a reminder . . . go here after 8 am to request your coupon for a Free candy bar. You can come back and request a coupon up to four times not all in one Friday though.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

A few deals at Target other than toys. . .

Here are a few food deals at Target:

**Baked Lays Chips - $3
Use $1 off printable - click on the $1 bill
Use $.50 off Target printable coupon
$1.50 after coupons!

**Kellogg's Poptarts - $1.52 (I think I misplaced my receipt for the moment)
Use .55 off printable coupon for Blueberry Muffin flavor
Use .75 off Target printable coupon
.22 a box after coupons

**Popchips - $2.50
Use $1 off printable coupon (print twice)
Use $1 off 2 Target printable coupon
$1 after coupons

Toy Sale at Target!

It is that time of year when Target clears out the toys and makes way for the "new" Christmas (yes, I said Christmas) toys. What does that mean for us?! Toys at 75% off!

Target on E State and 173 (I prefer 173) have their toys marked anywhere from 30% -75% off!

I am not talking lamo cheap toys - I am talking My Little Pony, Leapster, Lego's, Summer toys, Little Einstein, Diego, etc. . . .

If you are interested in getting a good deal, run don't walk to the nearest Target. Please obey all traffic laws.

I purchased $206 worth of toys for $56! I am not one to invest in toys so this will make Christmas shopping a lot less stressful for me. I was VERY excited to find a Leapster for $12.48!

Also, there are great clearance deals on shoes and clothes all throughout each department. Personally, I feel the selection at 173 is much better.

30% off Old Navy Coupon - four days only!

Print this coupon to get an additional 30% off your purchase today through August 2nd at Old Navy. The coupon is good for all Gap and Gap Outlet Stores, Banana Republic and Factory Store, and Old Navy . . . we only have Old Navy in Rockford.

The even better news . . . when you use this coupon 5% of your purchase will go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Walgreens Friends & Family Tomorrow Only!

Walgreen's just released a great coupon good for tomorrow only! It is Walgreen's Friends and Family day. 15% your purchase and 20% off your Walgreen's or W brand products purchase!

Click here to print your coupon!

Be sure to check out their great prices on school supplies this week and save even more!

Hilander Deals week of 7/30/2009

For starters Hilander is having an .88 cent sale. Eggs, Dole salad mix, bread, ice cream, etc. are only .88 cents. One item to note that has a coupon is:

**Speed Stick Deodorant Men's or Lady's - .88
Use .75 off 2 coupon from Sunday's paper
.50 each after coupon

Also, Hilander is having a P&G Brand Saver Event. Buy 4 P&G products and save $4 instantly off your total. There are lots of coupons for these products from the 2 P&G inserts from the newspaper. These coupons do expire Friday, 7/31/2009. Sundays paper, since it is the first of the month will have a new P&G insert so if you can't make it by Friday then grab a paper or two on Sunday.

Products included in this sale are Tide, Bounce, Downy, Charmin, Bounty, Cascade, Pringles sticks, Puffs, Swifer, Prilosec, Iams, Always, Herbal Essences, Aussie, and Pampers.

You must buy 4 of the products to qualify also in this past Sunday's paper was a coupon for free Herbal Essences Styler with the purchase of a Shampoo or Conditioner. It doesn't count as one of the 4 but it is free if you buy the Herbal Essence! Plus there were $1 off Herbal Essence in recent insert as well as $2 off 2 Aussie products. You should be able to get 4 shampoos or conditioners plus a free styler for $1 each with this sale!

Sorry it doesn't look like there is anything free this week.

New link for another Home Made Simple Coupon Book!

Here is another link to sign up for the great Home Made Simple Coupon Booklet that includes a coupon for a FREE bottle of Cascade dishwasher rinse aid.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More FREE Chocolate!! and Walgreens deals this week!

I mean seriously, I don't actually buy chocolate any more because it seems to be free a lot lately! Have gotten your coupons from Free chocolate Friday's yet? Well in case you haven't here is another deal at Walgreen's to score two FREE Chocolate bars!

**Buy 2 Mars candy bars - .49 with in ad coupon
Use $1 off 2 coupon from Sunday's paper - USE THIS COUPON FIRST
Use in ad coupon - USE THIS COUPON SECOND
Two FREE candy bars! Whohooo!
Make sure you use the manufacturer coupon first then the in store coupon, it will keep the register from beeping which causes the cashiers to be concerned. I never knew one little beep could cause so many problems!

**Scotch Bubble Mailers - .39
Use .50 off coupon from Sunday's paper
If I were you I would purchase 2 and pay .14 each, because again the register might beep and the cashier might not know how to manually adjust the coupon.

**Chef Boyardee - $1.25
Use $1 off printable coupon
.25 after coupon

"Lean" posts

As you've noticed, the posts have been a little scarcer lately . . . sorry about that! Last week was VBS at our church and that ate up a lot of my time. This week I have 3 Stampin' Up! classes/workshops and am also getting ready to leave for a 10 day trip to Maine and Canada. Kristie had an incident which found her at the emergency room with her 2 year old (he's fine, but needed a cast). So the posts this week may be few and far between.

I did want to make you aware of a few things though:

Here is a good printable coupon for Kraft Dressing: $1.50/1 (or here in Safari)

Here's a chance to play a fun game and win some cool prizes from Wendy's (or at the very worst, get a coupon off a twisted frosty! (thanks Money Saving Mom)

Just a head's up that it looks like KMart is going to do the double coupon deal again Aug 16-22 (thanks Common Sense with Money)

Anyway, not much, but just a few deals to be aware of. Hope you're having a good week!

Friday, July 24, 2009

FREE .pdf download of John Piper's latest book!

If you enjoy the works of John Piper, click here to get his latest book in .pdf form. The book is titled Filling up the Afflictions of Christ.

FREE Chocolate Friday Reminder!

Remember go here and sign up for your FREE chocolate coupon! You can sign up four different times to the same address. So come back next Friday if this is your first time!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hilander Mega 10 items Event Sale!

Just a quick note to let you know Hilander's Mega 10 Item Event Sale is running again this week! The deals are all the same just make sure that you take the time to browse the store. Advil and health and beauty items are also included in the sale and have coupons out from recent newspaper inserts. The products included are marked well!

Check out the deals we posted last week here and here as they are good through next Wednesday.

A few other sale items to note not included in the Mega Sale:

**Pampers wipes 77ct - $2.65
Use .50 from P&G insert
$1.65 after coupon

**Mentos Gum - $1
Use $1 off coupon or .55 off coupons from recent inserts
FREE to moneymaker depending on coupon used

**Crest Toothpaste - $1
Use .50 from P&G insert

Crazy hair? How about cheap crazy hair?

As many of you know, our church is in the middle of VBS this week. Tonight is crazy hair night . . . I'm still trying to figure out what to do, but I think I have a good idea. I'm practicing a bit now and am hoping that my husband doesn't send me out on an errand for VBS today - people will wonder what's up with the hair!

Heidi just called me and said that they have pretty crazy wigs at Party City here in Rockford (prices vary from $10 to $30). But then she told me that she purchased some colored hairspray that was marked $2.99 . . . but it rang up $0.50! I'm not sure if that was on all colors, but if you're looking to color your hair a crazy color, it looks like Party City may be the place to go. (edit: the ones on sale for $0.50 are on the end cap near the costumes & wigs. There was yellow, red, glitter and gold left when I was there. Sorry blue team! No blue left!)

Just be sure to have them price check your bottle of hairspray! I, unfortunately, will not be doing the color thing since I just recently got a REAL (fake) haircolor and it's pretty blonde. Wouldn't want my hair to turn green as a result! :)

Whole Food Deals this week

Here is the link to the Whole Foods Deals this week.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What to do with school supply sales!

Have you seen all the crazy school supply sales that are just starting up? Some places are almost giving stuff away for free! Be watching for more sales in the coming weeks.

But wait - maybe you have all the school supplies you need . . . or maybe you don't have school age children that need supplies. That doesn't mean you can't take advantage of the sales going on for other reasons: 1) gifts and 2) donations.

Instead of reinventing the wheel, here are 2 links with great ideas of what to do with all those crazy sales going on!

Money Saving Mom's suggestions

Life As Mom's suggestions

Happy Shopping!

P.S. - if you have time, be sure to read the comments below the posts on both sites. Some readers have some great ideas!

75% off sale Crimson Ridge!

This is just a heads up, if you happen to be going by Crimson Ridge on Perryville you might want to stop in. They are having a 75% off Summer clearance sale. It is a special entrance door. If you are looking at their main entrance go two doors down and you will see a large room full of things that are 75%.

According to the cashier the sale should be going through August and won't be going any lower than 75% off. I just happened to have a few extra minutes waiting for my daughter's class to finish so I ran in.

It's never too early to start Christmas shopping . . .I found a pair of Laura Ashley pj's regularly $62.00 for $15.50 and a pair of Vera Bradley pj's for $73.00 for $18.25! I see a theme coming up for Christmas and that's two names off my list!

They had lots of clutch purses for $5, home decor items, fashion watches, decorating ribbon, Easter decorations etc. Stop by and check it out!

FREE Highlighters at Walgreens this week!

There is a $1 off 2 BIC stationary products coupon up here. This will not last long. I think it was up Monday for a few hours before the print limit was over. If you take it to Walgreen's this week, you can get 2 of the 5 packs of highlighters free. They are .49 this week. Make sure to throw in a .09 pencil or a .09 individual BIC highlighter and hopefully that will keep the register from beeping!

If you don't have time for a trip to Walgreen's this week, then print it and save it as the school supply sales are just beginning!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Monday, July 20, 2009

Target Price Matching Policy

Target issued a press release discussing their New Price Matching Policy! Read through it, print it and file it in your coupon binder. Know the rules if you are going to use this system. This applies to Target stores nationwide.

Read the press release here effective July 12th.

An Easy Walgreens Deal.

Well, I have to say I really miss the EasySaver Catalog and how it was so easy to make your purchases and receive your rebates. EasySaver how we miss you!

I personally have been avoiding Walgreen's because of the new Register Reward System. I am not a fan for many reasons. However, this week they do have a great deal on the Pilot G2 Pens that my husband recently requested. If you purchase 1 - 2pk for $1 you get $1 RR. I wanted to devise a plan to make a purchase with little out of pocket and use the $1 RR immediately. Here are my two transactions:

Transaction #1:
1 - 2pk Pilot G2 pens
Total: $1.08 and Received $1 RR

Transaction #2:
3 - Scotch tapes - .39 each
1 - Mentos gum - $1.69
1 - 2pk Pilot G2 pens - $1
Total: $3.86
Used $1 off 3 Scotch Tape coupon from newspaper insert
Used $1 off Mentos gum coupon from newspaper insert
Used in add coupon for Mentos gum minus .70
Used $1 RR from Transaction #1
Total .35

Total paid after both Transactions: $1.43

Not having any RR that I need to use later: Priceless!

Make sure in Transaction #2 that you use the coupons in the order I listed them above, if you do the same Transaction. Always give your manufacturer coupons first, then Walgreen's in ad coupons then RR - there was no "beeping" of the computer when I did this transaction.

Free pastry at Starbucks Tomorrow!

Tomorrow you can take this coupon to Starbucks and receive a free pastry with the purchase of a beverage until 10:30 am! Read the coupon for further details. Also, it must be a Starbucks store not a Barnes & Nobles Starbucks etc.


It's VBS time!

Here is a fun frugal event for kids going into 1st grade through 6th grade:

Morning Star Baptist Church is having VBS. We would like to invite any readers whose children are in the above category to attend.

The theme is Heroes - Come and Meet Them! Registration starts tonight at 6:15 and the evening will conclude at 8:30. A snack is provided each night and the week will finish out with a Carnival on Friday night!

For more information, call 815-520-3697.

Walgreens Deals week of 7/19/2009

There are lots of good school supplies deals here as well starting at $.09! The only FREE school supply item that Walgreen's has is:

**Pilot G2 Pens - $1 get $1RR (I have been instructed by my husband to get some of these - I just hope they aren't out!)

Other deals this week:

**Mentos Gum - .99 with in ad coupon
Use $1 off coupon from newspaper insert OR
Use .55 off coupon from newspaper insert
FREE or .44 after coupons

**Kleenex - .89 with in ad coupon
Use .50 off 3 from newspaper or coupons.com printable
.72 a box after coupons

**Kellogg's cereal - 2/$5 get $1 RR wyb 2
Use $1.50 off 2 coupons.com printable
$1.25 a box after coupon and RR

**Scotch Tape - .39
Use $1 off 3 from newspaper insert
.17 for all 3 rolls after coupon

**Tylenol - $4.99 get $3 RR
Use $1 off any Tylenol from newspaper insert OR
Tylenol printable
.99 after coupon and RR

CVS Deals week of 7/19/2009

There are some more great FREE school supplies deals at CVS through the end of Tuesday only!

I don't have time to list them specifically but here are the five FREE School Supply items you can find in the store flyer:
Paper, Memobook, pencils, pens, and vinyl binder! Make sure you ask for a raincheck if they are out. They should be FREE if you come in Sunday, Monday or Tuesday!

**Backpacks prices start at $7.99 and you get $5 in ECB wyb 1 (limit 2)
as little as $2.99!

**Kodak Movie DVD - $7.99 get $7.99 in ECB (limit 5)

**CVS Pantyliner - .89 get .89 in ECB (limit 1)

**Duracell Batteries - $2.99 get $1 ECB (limit 1)
Use .75 off coupon from newspaper insert
$1.24 after coupon and ECB

**Cascade - $2.99
Use $1 off coupon from HomeMade Simple mailer
$1.99 after coupon

If you are a Pepsi fan:
**Pepsi 12pk - 3/$11 get a FREE 12pk of Mountain Dew
$2.75 a 12 pk

Reminder - Free Mocha Monday!

Just a reminder - it's FREE Mocha Monday at McDonald's! Original post with details here.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Whole Foods Deals

This is for the Whole Foods shoppers. We realize the nearest Whole Foods is 45 minutes away or so. However, we know that there are a lot of families who, for dietary reasons or just preference, shop at Whole Foods.

Here is a link to some Whole Foods Deals. Whole Foods has coupon booklets near the front of their stores with coupons only good at Whole Foods. If you don't see them ask! This link shows you what coupons are in the June/July Coupon Booklet.

We hope these two link can help someone out!

$100 milestone

Well, I've reached a milestone in my swagbucks experience! I just claimed my 20th $5 Amazon e-gift card - which means (yes, do the math) that I've gotten $100 so far! I even have another $5 coming to me! Woohoo!

I wanted to bring up swagbucks.com again today for a few reasons:

1) I reached a milestone (have I told you that yet?). Also, I've been at the swagbucks thing for about 5 months now, so I know it's legit and profitable

2)We have some new readers that have not heard of swagbucks (click here and here to find out more).

3) If you've signed up with swagbucks, I'd like you to post a comment about your experience - whether it is good or bad. Also, post any questions you might have.

4) I want to suggest telling people about swagbucks on your blog, if you have a blog. Swagbucks has cool banners that are easy to set up and which will get you some swagbucks when your friends sign up.

5) Fridays are Mega Swag Bucks days. If you search using swagbucks on Fridays, you have a higher chance of getting more than 1 swagbuck! I've gotten 2 so far . . . and last Friday I got 3 at once, plus another one.

6) Finally, I wanted to bring this up because Christmas is only 5 months and 8 days away . . . and getting Amazon e-gift cards from Swagbucks can help you with your shopping! They have a TON of stuff, and some pretty good prices, especially on books (I wish Amazon would pay me for advertising for them)!

So, Happy Mega Swag Bucks day! Please be sure to post any comments or questions you might have on this whole "swagbucks" thing.

Search & Win

Birthday Clubs

Since this month was my birthday, I was able to "cash in" on a lot of my birthday club memberships. What is my definition of a birthday club, you may ask?

My definition of it is a restaurant that sends you some coupons for some free stuff on your birthday! I've signed up for multiple email-clubs because of the coupons, and it's been worth it. Not only do they send stuff for my b'day, they also send coupons throughout the year. Here are some of the ones I'd recommend, with a list of a few of the coupons I've gotten from them in the past (the ones I can remember):

Chili's: sign up here, and receive a coupon for free chips and queso within 48 hours!
- for my b'day, free molten-cake dessert w/ purchase of an entree
- $5 off purchase of 2 entrees
- free queso (Jeremy's ultimate FAVORITE) w/ purchase of entree

Texas Road House: sign up here, (I think you get a free appetizer)
- for my b'day, a free appetizer, no purchase necessary!
- for my one year anniversary of signing up for the VIP club, free appetizer, no purchase necessary

bd's mongolian barbeque: sign up here and get something free
- for my b'day, a free stir-fry, no purchase necessary
- $5 off purchase when I signed up

Lone Star Steakhouse: sign up here (scroll to bottom right)
- for my b'day, a free entree up to $15, no purchase necessary
- $5 off a $15 to go purchase

T.G.I. Friday's: sign up here and receive a free appetizer or dessert!
- for my b'day, free dessert w/ purchase of an entree
- free appetizer for signing up
- buy one entree get a second for only $1

Papa Murphy's: sign up here or in the store
Disclaimer: I signed up in the store, and receive emails with deals specifically from that store on Alpine. I'm assuming that if you sign up online, you'll get the same thing, but I'm not sure.
- nothing for my b'day
- usually get coupon deals once or twice a month for $ off a certain pizza.

Ruby Tuesday's: sign up here
- Buy one get one free entree

Well, those are a few of the ones out there. If you plan on signing up for these, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

- Don't sign up for all of them on the same day unless you plan on eating out a lot in the following week or two and need coupons. Most of these places send you a "sign up" gift coupon that is good for a few weeks. Spread it out!

- Watch for a welcome email from them, and if you don't get one, check your junk mail. Some filters are ultra sensitive and will block these types of emails because they have lots of graphics. If it shows up in your junk mail, be sure to "allow" the email address so you make sure you receive future coupons.

- Don't feel like you have to use all the coupons. The point is to save money, not to spend more just so you can use your coupon! I didn't use all my b'day coupons - I even forgot to use the free entree one from Lone Star (and that was a no purchase necessary one - grr!). But that's OK. I still got my bd's free stir fry, my dessert from Chili's, and my free appetizer from Texas Roadhouse (cheap date - we just paid for the drinks).

- Please, please, please, when you use a coupon, tip your waiter/waitress on the FULL amount of your bill, not the adjusted part. They worked just as hard for your $10 bill than they would have for a $20 one. In the whole scope of things, it's just $1 or $2 more out of your pocket.


A Big Thank You!

I want to thank Kristie for all her helpful posts - she's been doing the bulk of the posting lately. I've been in a bit of a shopping lull (I think that Walgreen's Easy Saver termination has a bit to do with that :0), and the way the rest of the summer is shaping up, I don't know when I'll be back in the game - definitely by September though!

So please join me in thanking Kristie for all her helpful posts. Be sure to leave a comment if you appreciate her help and tips, and feel free to share "your story" of how this blog has helped!

Hilander's 10 item Mega Event Sale continued . . .

On top of the deals listed earlier, here are a few more deals at Hilander's 10 item Mega Event Sale. Remember you must buy 10 item, mix or match, and no more than 3 (30) items in one transaction.

**SoBe Life Water - .49
Use BOGO printable coupon IE or Safari
FREE after coupon
(.99 each - coupon will take off .99 - promo will take off .50 each therefore 2 will be free)

**Daisy Sour Cream - $1.49
Use .50 off coupon from recent newspaper insert
.49 after coupon

**Smart Balance Butter - $1.49
Use $1 off 2 printable or $1 off 1 sticks printable or $1 off 2 from recent newspaper insert
.99 each after coupon

**Chex Mix - $1.49
Use .50 off printable coupons here and here and here
.49! after coupon

**Select Kellogg's Cereal - $1.99
Use $1.50 of 2 printable here or $1 off 1 from recent newspaper insert
.99 or $1.24 after coupons

**Special K Bars - $1.99
$.75 off 1 printable or $1 off 2 from recent newspaper insert
$1.24 - $1.49 after coupons

**Betty Crocker Brownie Mix - .88
Use .75 off 2 printable here or from recent newspaper insert
.50 each after coupon

**Dixie Plates - $1.49
Use .50 off coupon from recent newspaper insert
.49 after coupon

**Edwards Pie Singles -$1.49
Use .75 off 1 or $1 off 2 coupons from recent newspaper insert
.74 - .99 each after coupon

**Duracell Batteries - $2.50
Use .75 off coupons from recent newspaper insert
$1.75 after coupon

Review the ad as there are lots of other greats deal without coupons that you can add to your 10 items. Philadelphia Cream Cheese - .79, 2 lt of Pop - .79, etc.

Not included in the mega sale:
**International coffee creamer - $2.29
Use $1 off printable
$1.29 after coupon

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gesundheit! Hilander's Mega Event!

It's Hilander's 10 item MEGA event sale! Yes . . . that's a lot of Kleenex but it's a stock up price and an item I know we will use!!! The total for everything pictured was $12.91 before coupons the total was $36.41. That 21 items for about .62 a piece.
For Hilander's 10 item Mega event sale you MUST purchase 10 of the participating items to get $5 off your purchase - Mix and Match marked items. You can purchase 30 items and qualify for $15 off your total at one time. So in other words you can do the "deal" 3 times in one purchase.
Here are my deals and I will post lots more later this evening!
These are the MEGA items you MUST by 10 (MIX and MATCH) to qualify for this price:
**Sunny D Smoothies - .79
Use .55 off printable coupon (print 2) or .55 coupon from recent newspaper insert
**Kleenex Facial Tissue 60ct - 200ct - .99
Use .50 off 3 printable (print 2) OR
.50 off 2 OR .50 off 3 from recent newspaper insert
.65 a box or less depending on which coupons used
**Keebler Fudge Shoppe Cookies - $1.49
Use .55 off 1 printable IE or Safari OR
Use $1 off 1 printable IE or Safari
.39 or .49 depending on which coupon used
**Quaker Chewy Granola Bars - $1.49
Use .75 off 2 from recent newspaper insert
$1.12 each after coupon
**Extra 3 pack of gum - $1.50
Use $1 off from recent newspaper insert
.50 after coupon
This item is not part of the MEGA Sale but is a good deal with a coupon:
**Santa Cruz Organic Lemonade - $1.50
.75 after coupon - The strawberry lemonade is delicious especially with some real strawberries thrown in and while you are sitting on the beach!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Walmart Deals!

Here is an update to the Wal-mart Deals you can find on the Internet. Remember our disclaimers here about Wal-mart have fun!

Deal Seeking Mom's Wal-mart Deals updated 7/15/2009

Make sure to leave us a post about what you find and which Wal-mart stores are coupon friendly!

Uniform Sale!

If you children wear uniforms to school, JCPenney OUTLET is the place to go. Starting today all uniform wear is 25% off. They have good pricing to begin with but an additional 25% off is great!

The sale is from July 15-18th!

CVS Coupons

Just a heads up to make sure you scan your CVS card this week at the red coupon machines! It is printing a ton of coupons. Remember to scan your card until it says no more coupons available today. This could be up to three times.

One great coupon is $2 off the purchase of 2 CVS brand nuts. This coupon can be used on the small .99 packages found by the registers, in the candy section or hanging in the food isle.

Another great coupon that printed for me at the end of my receipt . . . $2 off any Huggies wipes! You can combine this with a manufacturer coupon for some really cheap wipes!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

50 cent pancakes at McDonald's - all day!

Don't forget about the .50 pancakes today at McDonald's. It sounds like it is all day and .50 gets you 3 pancakes! Dine in only. The McDonald's on E. State and Alpine said that all McDonald's are doing it all day long. Call ahead to your McDonald's if you want to make sure! Here is the link to the original post.

Walgreens Deals week of 7/12/2009

Well there is not much at Walgreen's this week but this is what we see:

**Coffeemate Creamer - $1.99
Use $1 off printable OR .50 off coupon from recent newspaper inserts
.99 or $1.49 after coupons

**Blue Diamond Almonds - $3.59 BOGO
Use .50 off 2 from recent newspaper insert
$3.09 for 2 cans after coupon

**Starbucks Coffee Drinks - 2/$4
Use $1 off 1 from recent insert
$1 after coupon

**Coppertone Nutrashield Sunscreen - Buy 2 get $10 in RR
Use (2) $5 off printable coupon for Coppertone Nutrashield
Unsure of the price of these but usually around $11 which after coupons and RR would be $2 for 2 bottles of sunscreen!

**Smartwater - 5/$5
Use $1 off 2 coupon from recent insert
.50 each after coupon

**Honeynut Cheerios - $1.99
Use $1 off printable coupon for IE or Safari
.99 after after coupon

Monday, July 13, 2009

Free Mocha Mondays!

Don't forget it's FREE Mocha Monday at McDonald's from 7am - 7pm. Check out the original post here for details!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

CVS Deals week of 7/12/2009

It's back to school sales in full swing this week! CVS has a few FREE after ECB school supplies Sunday, Monday and Tuesday only!

Here are the FREE items through Tuesday:

**CVS or Caliber 1 subject notebook 70-80ct - .99 get .99 ECB (limit 2)

**Papermate grip pens 8 ct - .99 get .99 ECB (limit 3)

**Caliber or It's Academic pointed or blunt scissors - $2.99 get $2.99 ECB (limit 2)

**Caliber or CVS school glue 5oz - .99 get .99 ECB (limit 2)

**Caliber or CVS wood or plastic 12 in ruler - .99 get .99 ECB (limit 2)

also not free but,

**Caliber or CVS 3 or 5 subject notebooks - $3.99 get $3 ECB (limit 2)
.99 through Tuesday!

**Pepsi 12 packs - 4/$12 get $2 ECB (limit 1)
4/$10 through Tuesday!

other FREE items for the week:

**Gillette Fusion Manual or Power Razor - $7.99 get $4 ECB (limit 1)
Use $4 off coupon from P&G insert
FREE after coupon and ECB

**Photo Book 6x8 10 pages - $7.99 get $7.99 ECB (limit 1)

other sales to mention this week:

**Kotex products - 2/$7 get $2 ECB wyb 2 (limit 3)
Use (2) $1 off printable coupons for IE or Safari
$1.50 each after ECB and coupons

**Tylenol Arthritis - $3.99 get $3 ECB (limit 3)
Use $1 off printable here OR here OR
Use $2 off coupon from recent newspaper insert
FREE or moneymaker depending on the coupon used

**Airwick Mini - $4.99
Use $4 off printable coupon
.99 after coupon

Be sure to check the ad as there are lots of BOGO sales on school supplies through Tuesday!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lesson learned and a tip for you!

So I just returned from the grocery store where I returned 9.3 lbs of ground beef - 6 lbs of which were made into my special seasoned hamburger patties. This was not something I wanted to do (there was a beef recall), but it has taught me a lesson.

***When you freeze your meat, put the "sell by" date on the bag!!!

I'm not sure if all the meat I brought back was exactly from April 27 to June 1, but the store was very "open" with their return policy and I didn't want to take any chance with my beef being some of the tainted kind - so they took it all back and refunded me my money (by today's price of beef). My lesson learned is that if had written the "sell by" date, I would have known exactly what packages to return.

Thankfully, it wasn't an expensive lesson (in fact, they paid me $2.07/lb, and I don't think I've ever paid that), but it was energy and time wasted - those 24 hamburger patties take me a while to make! Well, I'm off to make more patties with the meat I bought yesterday at $1.47/lb!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

KMart trip #3

Trip #3 was great! I had to go back for the toilet paper and paper towel deal, so I grabbed a bunch more stuff. I again used a $5/$25 coupon off "Health and Beauty" that had printed out after my last transaction. I got about $45 worth of stuff for $2.33 (should have been $4.33, but I too late discovered they had made a mistake and hand entered a $2.00 coupon they thought hadn't doubled - I went back and told them, but they said not to worry about it! Yippee!)

So, here are the deals to be found (some are same as previous trip)

Gillette body wash - $4.45 (not all are at this price, so double-check)
$1.00 off coupon from recent insert, doubled
$2.00 off coupon from tearpad attached to the shelf
Final price: $0.45

Olay Body Wash - $6.49
$2.00 off coupon from recent insert, doubled
$2.00 off coupon from tearpad on shelf near body wash
Final price: $0.49

SoftSoap Ensemble refill - $2.99
$2.00 printable coupon (print it here), "doubled" (so $0.99 extra)

One A Day Woman's vitamins - $5.89
$2.00 off coupon from recent insert, doubled
Final price: $1.89

Playtex cleansing cloths - $2.99
$1.00 off coupon from recent insert, doubled
Final price: $0.99

Tylenol Arthritis - $4.79
$2.00 off coupon from recent insert, doubled
Final price: $0.79

Sparkle Paper Towels 3 pk - $2.99
AND Angel Soft 4 pk Toilet Paper - $1.79
$2 off 2 printable coupon IE or Safari, doubled
Final price: $0.78 (I did this deal twice)

Wet Ones travel pack - $2.29
$0.75 off coupon from recent insert, doubled
Final price: $0.79

Huggies Natural Care Wipes - $2.99
$1.00 off coupon from home mailer from Huggies
Final price: $0.99

I've been in a coupon slump, but I'd like to thank KMart for helping me get out of it! I'm back in the game - FINALLY! :) I think I'm done with the KMart deals for now! Hope you get to enjoy some good deals too!

In case you're wondering, I will be using much of what I bought; but I will be selling the body washes, medicine, vitamins and such at a yard sale. I'm estimating I'll make about $15-20 off the stuff I sell, which would bring my total down to about $10-13: hey! That's about the price of my mop! So basically, I bought a mop and got all the other stuff free! :)

KMart trip #2

Trip #2 found me getting about $38 worth of stuff for $5. I used a $5 coupon off $25 "Health and Beauty" purchase that Kristie gave me (another one printed at the end of this transaction), which is why I was willing to pay a little for some of the objects because I knew I had $5 to play with.

In this transaction, I purchased cereal which was supposed to be 4/$6, but was ringing up 4/$10. To be honest it was kind of a hassle because the manager had to come and override it. Maybe they've fixed the problem by now, but just be forewarned! With a $1 off 3 coupon, I basically paid $1 per box of cereal. Not too shabby, especially since my total was $5!

Here are some of my other transactions:

Rubbermaid bottle AGAIN! :) - $2.99
$1.00 off coupon from recent insert, doubled
Final price: $0.99

Axe Body Wash, Skin Contact - $4.29
$1.50 off coupon from recent insert, doubled
Final price: $1.29

Olay Body Wash - $6.49
$2.00 off coupon from recent insert, doubled
$2.00 off coupon from tearpad on shelf near body wash
Final price: $0.49

St. Ives' Apricot Face Scrub - $3.69
$1.50 off coupon from recent insert, doubled
Final price: $0.69

Vaseline Intensive Care lotion - $3.00
$1.25 coupon from recent insert, doubled
Final price: $0.50

Clearasil face wash - $3.29 (WATCH this one when it rings up! It's on sale, but for me it rang up $5.29. Maybe it's fixed by now, but I ended up returning mine because I didn't catch the error at the register)
$2.00 off coupon from recent insert, "doubled" (so $1.29 extra)

Old Spice Deodorant - $2.69
$1.00 off coupon from recent insert, doubled
Final price: $0.69 (Jeremy's kind, so willing to not get for free :)

Reach (Johnson) Dental Floss, 50 yd - $1.49
$1.00 off coupon from recent insert, "doubled" (so $0.49 extra)

Secret Deodorant - $2.49
$1.00 off coupon from recent insert, doubled
Final price: $0.49

Oreo Cakesters - $3.00
$1.00 off coupon from recent insert, doubled
Final price: $1.00 (a little treat)

KMart trips - Anouk's

It says trips because I've made 3. The first trip was OK, the second was good, and the third was marvelous. At the risk of boring some of you, I will post the deals I found in Rockford. I will post trip #2 and #3 separate. From the get-go, I want to let you know that I hardly used any internet coupons, so I won't have many links to post. Most all of these coupons were from recent newspaper inserts.

My first trip was OK - for over $60 worth of stuff I spent $20 dollars, but that because it included a cool mop I've been wanting (full price $11 - gasp) and some things that I wanted to get even though they weren't free. For example:

New Purex 3-in-1 laundry sheets - $5.99
$2 off coupon from recent insert
Final price: $1.99

Planters' mixed nuts and deluxe mixed nuts - 2/$6.00 (normally between $5-7 each: who would ever pay that!)
$1.50/2 off coupon from recent insert
Final price: $3.00 for 2 cans

Rubbermaid Mixer Mate bottle - $2.99 (needed one of these for my frozen concentrate juices I make - ended buying another one, I liked it so much . . . plus had another coupon! :)
$1.00 off Rubbermaid drink container coupon from recent insert
Final price: $0.99

Neosporin - $4.29
$1.00 off coupon from recent insert
Final price: $2.29

So anyway, these things above were things I really wanted to get anyway, so was willing to not get for free :)

Here are some other deals:

Gillette body wash - $4.45 (not all are at this price, so double-check)
$1.00 off coupon from recent insert
$2.00 off coupon from tearpad attached to the shelf (KMart coupon, does not get doubled)
Final price: $0.45

Starbucks Frappuccino - $2
$1.00 off coupon from recent insert

So I won't bore you with the rest . . . but I will post, as per Kristie's request, my two trips from today which were better than this one! I even have pictures! :)

Good news: I overheard that KMart gets their truckload of stuff tomorrow - so I would wait until tomorrow afternoon or Friday when the shelves should be restocked with some of the stuff that got "wiped out" by double-couponers like us! :) Or maybe call to find out when everything will be up on their shelves.

Double Coupons at K-Mart! (trip 2)

Well, I'm hooked on double couponing at K-Mart. I had avoided it several times as I couldn't squeeze any more time out of my week for another store but since I don't frequent Walgreen's anymore I thought I would try K-Mart. Here is today's purchase totaling $4.83! The total before coupons was $38.78.

**SaniHands Kids - $2.49
Used $1 off printable coupons (no longer available - sorry!)
.49 after doubled of coupon

**Dove Deodorant - $3.99
Used $2 off printable coupons IE or Safari
FREE after doubled coupon

**Sparkle Paper Towels - $2.99 AND Angel Soft TPaper - $1.79
Used $2 off 2 printable coupon IE or Safari
.78 for 3 rolls of paper towels and 4 rolls of tp after doubled coupon!

**Peanut Butter - $2.29
Used $1 off coupon from a home mailer
.29 after doubled coupon

**Bumble Bee Tuna Pouch - $1.99
Used $1 off from newspaper insert
FREE after doubled coupon

Don't get discouraged if you are just starting out and don't have newspaper coupons or in home mailer coupons yet. Once you get into coupons - coupons will find you! Pinch-A-Penny will also post these offers so you can sign up for more coupons mailed to your house for FREE!

Free Fiber One Samples and $5 in Coupons!

Sign up here to get a free sample of a Fiber One granola bar AND cereal AND $5 in free coupons. Yummy! Coupons and a free food delivered right to your mailbox!

Diapers, Diapers, Diapers!!

One constant area where families are trying to always save money is on diapers! They are a large weekly expense and definitely a need not a want! We have posted this link in the past but I want to post it again as a reminder.

This chart from Baby Cheapskate shows you what you should be paying per diaper. It is your price to beat. It helps you know if you are really getting a good deal! In the past year diapers have gone up in price and gone down in the number of diapers per package so . . . getting a good deal has been much harder. However, when you can get diapers at your target price per diaper - STOCK UP!

Also, notice in the lower left of Baby Cheapskate's document she shows you were to get some printable coupons and coupons from the newspaper. When you buy a name brand diaper always have a coupon and use it combined with a sale to get your price to beat per diaper!

Register with the Huggies Network and with Pampers to get coupons by mail as well!

At the start of every week Baby Cheapskate will also post the diaper sales and coupon match ups and where you can find a stockupportunity of the week! Click on Top Diaper and Formula Deals of the week in her quick link section on the right hand side.

Generic brands of diapers have really improved! Walgreens has a reliable brand and their jumbo packs often go on sale for $5.99, BOGO free, or BOGO half off. Most time you can get two jumbos for around $10! Hilander also has a reliable brand and they will go on sale for $5.99 often and usually there is a printable coupon for $3 off! Check out the diaper reviews on Baby Cheapskate for more helpful advice on generic!

And as always stay tuned here for your stockupportunities in the Rockford area!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

McDonald's Pancakes!

McDonald's must be feeling generous this week. There was a commercial in the Rockford area offering pancakes for .50 on Tuesday, July 14th! I will edit this post with further details but other people have seen it too! If you have any question, call your nearest location and ask as the date approaches and keep an eye out for the commercial!!

Free Mocha Monday's brought to you by McDonald's

If you are a frequent reader of our blog, you know that we have been bringing you Free Chocolate Fridays well now we have Free Mocha Mondays from McDonald's!!

Click here for further details but McDonald's starting Monday from 7am - 7pm will be offering a FREE iced mocha (7oz.) or FREE hot mocha (8oz.) through August 3rd.

Just to be on the safe side I recommend printing out this page OR calling the McDonald's you frequent just to make sure (click here for their store locator and phone numbers). This is running nationally but you never know if everyone got the memo!

A "Krazy" deal at Target this week!

Okay, and you thought we were crazy?! Here is a great scenario that the Krazy Coupon Lady put together to get a ton of Kashi products for less than $4!!! AND no newspaper needed - just print your coupons and head to the nearest Target.

I am just putting up the direct link because why waste time typing it up ourselves when the Krazy Coupon Lady did it a great job for us! She has all the links you need to print and lays it out just lovely for you to understand.

The only piece of information that we have for you is that we have never seen the Kashi Waffles at either Target?! So, you can print your coupons for those if you want but I have never seen these at either 173 or E. State.

Click here for a great deal on Kashi products!!

My K-Mart trip

So, if you are wondering what I bought at K-Mart . . . I know you were dying to find out. Here are a few highlights:

**White out - 2/$1
Use .50 off printable coupon for IE or Safari
FREE without doubling the coupon! This shouldn't count as one of your 10 coupons but will help get your total up to $25!

**One A Day Vitamins for Women - $5.89
Use $2 off coupon from newspaper insert
$1.89 after coupon

**LA Looks Hair Gel - $1.49
Use $1 off coupon from newspaper insert
FREE after coupon

**Benadryl Anti itch cream - $4 (for my daughters bug bites)
Use $1 off coupon from newspaper insert
$2 after coupon

**Lysol Bathroom Aerosol Cleaner - $2.67
Use $1 off coupon from newspaper insert OR
$1 printable coupon
.67 after coupon

**OreoCakesters - $3
Use $1 off coupon from newspaper insert
$1 after coupon

**Pampers Jumbo - $9.99
Use $2 off coupon from newspaper insert
$5.99 after coupon plus it put my total up to $50 so I could use the $5 off $50 coupon for signing up for their emails so .99 after coupons!!!

Those are a few of my highlights. There are lots of K-Mart tearpad coupons for toilet paper and other items. Remember you can use one K-Mart coupon and one manufacturer coupon on 1 item. The K-mart coupon won't double and won't count towards your 10 but the manufacturer coupon will.

For example:
I purchased Charmin - 24 rolls - $8.99
Used a $1 off K-Mart coupon AND
$1 off Charmin coupon I received in the mail. This doubled and I bought 24 rolls for $5.99 which is .24 a roll.

It's the Blue light special at K-mart!

Well, this week is double coupon week again at K-Mart. The rules have changed so take note. If you have a long list then you will have to break up trips throughout the week to get everything you need for free or close to it!

  • Double coupons up to $2 - no overage
  • Limit 10 coupons doubled per customer per day
  • Must spend at least $25 in grocery & drugstore merchandise

Those are the 3 main restrictions - pick up a flyer when you are in the store for more info.

Because the list is so extensive we will post four links for you to look through. I suggest printing the lists selecting your 10 items that total more than 25 and head to the store. Have a few items as backups in case they are out of something. The E. State store was out of Huggies wipes and Pantene that I noticed so if you want those call and ask when their shipments come in.

A few things I noticed that were different at our Kmart than the lists attached:

  • The General Mills deal - 4/$6 if you buy 4 - only applied to the regular Cheerios not the other varieties. At least that is what the sign said in the store. Still if you can print 4 of the .55 of coupons the boxes will be .40 each when you buy 4!
  • Lysol Bathroom Cleaner Aerosol - $2.67 - we only received $1 off coupons which doesn't make it free but .67 for the bottle - still a great deal.
  • They don't carry SmartWater but you can get it this week at Target for .50 a bottle with coupon - not free but cheaper! :)
  • They don't carry Wishbone dressing.

You will have to take your time, your coupons and your patience and browse through the store. I suggest leaving small children at home so all three of those will become easier! :)

Here are the links to the Kmart deals listed online:

Common Sense with Money Best Deals of the week

Common Sense with Money what free at Kmart this week

Common Sense with Money Pampers and Huggies deal at Kmart this week

Money Saving Mom K-Mart Deals this week

Don't get discouraged these lists are LONG! Just pick out what is right for you and your family or what you can get for free. Remember the rules!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Home Made Simple Coupon Booklet

Here is a new link to the Home Made Simple Coupon Booklet. If you have requested it in the past, you can request it again.

This is a great free coupon booklet. It is loaded with coupons for Dawn, Febreeze products, Cascade etc. There is even a coupon for a free bottle of Cascade Crystal Clear Rinse Agent for your dishwasher which is available at Target!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Walgreens Deals week of 7/5/09

Well I find it odd that the Walgreen's flyer online only has four pages looks like a new format maybe larger but this is it for decent deals at Walgreen's this week:

**Buy $10 in Keebler Products get $5 in RR
Use $1 off 2 Fudge shoppe printables
Pay $3 after coupon and RR for 4 packs - $.75 each

**Starbucks Ice Cream - $4.99 BOGO
Use (2) $2 off coupons from recent newspaper insert OR
Use (2) $1 printable coupons here
Price varies depending on which coupon variation you use could be as low as .99 each or up to $1.49 each
This also depends on if you Walgreen's lets you use 2 coupons on a BOGO offer. The Walgreen's on Riverside and Mulford usually does NOT let you do this.

CVS Deals week of 7/5/09

We hope everyone had a great 4th of July! Can you believe it is July already?! I am posting this quickly early this morning because one deal is only good today and tomorrow. The deals are plentiful this week at CVS!

It looks like school supply deals are already starting!

Good only Sunday/Monday:
**Calibar or CVS invisible or transparent tape - $1.49 get $1.49 ECB (limit 3)
FREE after ECB

The rest of the deals for the week:
**Calibar or CVS pencils - $.99 get $.99 ECB (limit 3)
FREE after ECB

**CVS pantyliners 22 ct - $.89 get .89 ECB (limit 1)
FREE after ECB

**Post Trail Mix Cereal - 3/$10 get $5 in ECB wyb 3 (limit 1)
Use (3) $2 printable coupons we posted here
FREE after coupons and ECB actually make $1 profit!

**Buy $10 in Febreeze products get $5 in ECB (limit 5)
If you have two of today's Sunday papers, this is a great deal for you!
Buy 2 Febreeze Noticeable at $6.50 each
Use (2) $4 off coupons from today's paper
FREE after coupons and ECB
Buy 2 Febreeze Noticeable at $6.50
Buy 1 Febreeze Fabric Refreshener at $5
Buy 1 Febreeze air effects - $3
Use (2) $4 off coupons from today's paper
Use (1) buy fabric refreshener get air effects free from today's paper
FREE after coupons and ECB

**Colgate Total or Sensitive toothpaste - $3.49 get $2 ECB (limit 1)
Use $1 off printable coupon
.49 after coupon and ECB

**Head and Shoulders Shampoo - $4.99 get $2 in ECB (limit 3)
Buy 2 Use the BOGO free coupon from today newspaper
.49 each after coupon and ECB

**Dawn Dish Soap - $2/2 get $1 ECB wyb 2 (limit 1)
Use .25 coupon from today's paper AND
Use .50 coupon from the Home Made Simple Flyer if you received one
.25 for 2 after coupons and ECB

**Hellmanns Mayo - 2/$6 get $2 ECB wyb 2 (limit 1)
Use $1 off printable coupon
$1 each after coupon and ECB

**Chex mix - 2/$3
Use .50 printable coupon
$1 each after coupon

All these deals assume you have a CVS Extra Care Card - make sure you sign up for one in the store in case you don't have one!

If you are unfamiliar with the abbreviations we use, please look on the right hand side of the page for the Glossary of couponing terms!

Friday, July 3, 2009

FREE Chocolate Friday!

Don't forget to go here today and register for your free chocolate! You can register once a Friday up to four times and receive four free chocolate coupons!!!

Happy Friday!

It the Hilander Dayton Sale again this week!

This sale will run through the end of Wednesday. If you don't know what the Hilander Daytona sale is all about, read this post here.

Here are the matchups:

**Breyers Ice Cream - $2.19
Use $1 off 2 from newspaper insert
$1.09 each after coupon and Daytona sale

**General Mills Cereal - $2.19
Use $1 off printable coupons here for IE OR Safari OR
Use .55 off printable coupons here
$1.09 to $1.19 depending on the coupon used above after coupon and Daytona

**Pop Tarts - $2.19
Use .55 coupon from newspaper insert
$1.09 after coupon and Dayton sale

**Oscar Mayer Hot dogs - $1.29
Use $1 off 2 from newspaper insert
.79 each wyb 2 after coupon and Daytona sale

**Ragu Pasta Sauce - $1.39
Use $1 off 2 printable coupon IE OR Safari OR from recent insert
Use .60 off 1 from recent insert
.79 or .89 depending on the coupon used after coupon and Daytona Sale

**Chef Boyardee - .70
Use .35 off 3 from recent insert
.46 each after coupon and Daytona sale

**Mamwitch - .70
Use .40 off 2 coupon from recent insert
.30 each after coupon

**Purex Laundry Detergent - $2.69
Use .50 off printable coupon
$1.69 after coupon and Daytona Sale

**Hefty One Zip bags - $1.99
Use $1 off coupon from recent insert
.99 after sale and coupons

**Orville Redenbacher Popcorn -$2.19
Use .50 off coupons from recent inserts
$1.19 after sale and coupon

**Kraft BBQ Sauce - .69
Use $1 off coupons if you have any from last month when Kraft foods had them online OR
Use .50 coupon from newspaper insert
Moneymaker after sale and coupon

**Shedds's Spread Country Crock - $1.69
Use .50 off coupon from recent insert OR
Use .55 off printable coupon
.59 or .69 after sale and coupon

**Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks - $1.69
Use .50 off 2 from recent insert or printable coupons here or here
$1.19 each after coupon and Daytona sale
Catalina Alert!
When you buy General Mills Fruit Snacks between 6/19-7/12, get toward your next purchase:
$1.50 when you buy 3
$2.50 when you buy 4
$3.50 when you buy 5
*Note: only 1 Catalina coupon will print per transaction!*
You can get these for as little as $0.49/box after coupons & Catalina coupon!

**Reynolds Aluminum Foil - $3.19
Use $1 off coupon from newspaper insert
$2.19 after coupon and Daytona sale

Not part of the Daytona sale but a great deal:
**Trident gum single packs - $1.29 buy one get one free
Use $1 off 2 printable coupon mentioned here
.14 each after coupon

**Suave Shampoo - $1
Use $1 off 2 from recent insert
.50 after coupon

Remember for the Daytona sale to buy the products marked or you won't get the sale price of the $3 off your order! Also, Hilander doubles coupons up to .55 everyday!

These are a lot of the deals but make sure you check the flyer for more additional non coupon deals!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bath & Body Works Coupon and Sale!

Bath & Body Words Semi-Annual Sale is still going on through Sunday. Click here for a coupon that will get you an additional 20% off your purchase.

This is a great sale! You will find items up to 75% - lotions, shower gels, body sprays etc.

Thanks Jennie B. for the heads up on the coupon, we love reader tips!

Extra "hidden" coupons

Just wanted to tell everyone that if you get the Sunday Tribune make sure to check the "PARADE" insert - they've had some pretty good coupons in there the last few times. This week it was a few coupons for Cottonelle and Cover Girl products.

Have a great day!

Pinch-A-Penny going live . . .

Today you can hear us interviewed on Rockford's local station "radio 91" (91.1, WGSL). We're on with Charmel around 7:00am! Tune in!

If you don't live in the Rockford area, you can listen live on radio 91's website!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Pinch-A-Penny is taking it to the street . . .

Pinch-a-Penny Nook is taking it to the street . . . E. State Street that is! In the fall, we will be teaching three couponing classes at the E. State Street Library (the old Barnes and Noble). Here are the juicy details:

Couponing 101
Saturday, September 12, 2009; 11am-12pm
If you are interested in getting started with couponing, this is the class for you. Learn the basics of where to get coupons, and how to store and organize them. (Meets in East Branch Community Meeting room. Adults 18 and over).

Advance Couponing Saturday
October 10, 2009; 1pm-2:30pm
This class is for the avid couponer that already feels comfortable using coupons. Learn how to set up a price list, as well as how to use your coupons the best way possible to get the most for free (or almost free). Also learn how to use coupons to "stockpile shop". (Meets in East Branch Community Meeting room. Adults 18 and over).

Using Coupons to Play the Drugstore Game
Saturday, November 7, 2009; 1pm-2:30pm
This class will cover how to play the drugstore game. Learn how the drugstore rewards programs work, and get help understanding how coupons and rewards programs work together! (Meets in East Branch Community Meeting room. Adults 18 and over).

And don't worry we will remind you as the dates approach!

Kraft Coupons, Rebate Offers & Calendar

Go here to register or sign in to receive a savings booklet, calendar and rebate offers from Kraft to be used throughout the school year. It says while supplies last so snatch it while you can!

Target Deals this week and ongoing . . .

Here is what can be found at Target currently. We tried to update the whole list so some may be ongoing deals you may have already gotten - the Solo plates is a new coupon; last week we posted about a $1 coupon, but that campaign ended. Also, check out our glossary of couponing terms, if you are unsure of the meaning of an abbreviation!

This week only:
**Edy's Ice Cream - 3/$7
Use $1 Target printable coupon
$1.33 each (usually you don't have to buy three to get the sale price - check it at a price scanner to see if it "rings up" for $2.33)

Ongoing deals:
**Vaseline Aloe - .97 (travel section)
Use $1/1 coupon IE or Safari
FREE after coupon

**Nexcare bandaids - .97 (travel section)
Use $1/1 coupon here
FREE after coupon

**Pictureka! - $6.64 (children's card game)
Use $5 off coupon here

**Bounty Basic Paper towels - .99
Use .25 coupon from P&G insert
Use .50 Target coupon from 6/28 insert
.25 after coupons

**Joint Juice Single Serve bottles - $1 or $1.09 (sorry I can't remember)
Use $1 off printable coupon and
Use BOGO free coupon
Buy 2 use 1 of each coupons get two free or two for .09

**Banana Boat Sunscreen - .99
Use $1 off coupon from 5/3 newspaper insert

**Dry Idea Deodorant - $2.49 (I think)
Use $2 off printable coupon
.49 after coupon

**Dawn Pure Essentials Dish Soap - $2.49
Use $1.50 off coupon from the P&G insert
Use .50 off Target coupon from the 6/21 newspaper insert
.49 after coupons (this is a large bottle too!)

**Bare by Solo cups (24 - ct.) or large plates (15 - ct.) - $1.50 on sale until 7/13
(Get a raincheck if they are out!)
Use .75 off printable coupon IE or Safari
.75 after coupon