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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lesson learned and a tip for you!

So I just returned from the grocery store where I returned 9.3 lbs of ground beef - 6 lbs of which were made into my special seasoned hamburger patties. This was not something I wanted to do (there was a beef recall), but it has taught me a lesson.

***When you freeze your meat, put the "sell by" date on the bag!!!

I'm not sure if all the meat I brought back was exactly from April 27 to June 1, but the store was very "open" with their return policy and I didn't want to take any chance with my beef being some of the tainted kind - so they took it all back and refunded me my money (by today's price of beef). My lesson learned is that if had written the "sell by" date, I would have known exactly what packages to return.

Thankfully, it wasn't an expensive lesson (in fact, they paid me $2.07/lb, and I don't think I've ever paid that), but it was energy and time wasted - those 24 hamburger patties take me a while to make! Well, I'm off to make more patties with the meat I bought yesterday at $1.47/lb!

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