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Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Fun Free Advent Activity!

We try to have lots of fun Christmas traditions at our house but last year I wanted to make sure I worked in something new on a daily basis that focused our minds on Christ. The day after Christmas last year I hit Target for their 50% off Christmas sale and found a beautiful silver advent box with etched glass doors counting down the days of Christmas. Then I hit the Bible bookstore and grabbed a paper advent calendar with the number and a verse behind each day. So, this year we read the day on the calendar and then open the corresponding day on our pretty silver box for a delicious surprise. The kids love it and it is a good reminder first thing in the morning on where our focus should be.

I want to change it up each year and of course make it more age appropriate as the kids get older. This morning I found this on Bible Story Printable's (a free site with all sorts of great coloring pages and crafts) . . . The Names of Jesus Ornaments/Crafts which goes along with the Names of Jesus Advent Countdown. I want to read through it more and we may not do the notebook, craft etc each day that she is suggesting for homeschoolers but just read through the Scripture and talk about the meaning of the names for our Advent activity. I don't want to make it too complex because then I might have the tendency not to do it at all. Keep it simple is my moto!

My suggestion is to put it all together so it will be ready to go next year when you pull out your decorations. If you are like us this time of year is filled with activity as soon as Thanksgiving passes. When I pulled out the Christmas decorations, I was set to start on December 1st I just had to buy candy and even then I already had that, I mean who doesn't have a stash of candy just in case! Now if I could just remember what on earth the red and green strips of paper where for!? They are all cut up neatly and in a ziploc bag in a Christmas box. I am sure I had good intentions!

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