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Friday, May 27, 2011

Check out five below!

If you have been down East State Street lately, you may have noticed a few new signs for a store called five below. From the name of the store I had no idea what type of store it was. Well, everything in the store is $5 or below! Duh!

Check out their website here!

They have lots of great deals. One item I found was summer workbooks for kids to keep them busy and help them not to forget everything they learned all school year long - $4! Big thick workbooks!

Just remember - everything in the store may not be a good deal but lots of items are a great deal! It's just like the dollar stores - not everything is a good deal at a dollar but many items they carry are still great deals.

So, checkout five below and see what you think! Lots of toys, games, tshirts, flip flops, partyware etc.

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