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Friday, August 10, 2012


Well, we think that the time has come to close down this blog. As many of you have noticed, this blog has become more about sharing cool posts we find on the internet and less about the good deals to be found. Most all of our posts lately have been other people's ideas and not fresh content of our own.

We believe there are a few reasons for that:

1. When we started this blog back in January 2009, there were oodles of great freebies and deals, especially at CVS and Walgreens, and later on Target. Kristie and I would go to those stores every week and often post the deals we found (oftentimes two or three bags' worth of stuff). Fast forward a couple of years, and the deals are rare! It used to be you could go to one store and get multiple deals at once on things you could really use. Now you're lucky if you can find one good deal at each store - and who wants to run to 3 different stores to get a good deal on a $3 item you might or might not use? Plus, now that Hilander was bought out by Logli, there aren't any more great deals to be had.

2. When we started this blog there not that many money-saving blogs out there. Now there are (I think) hundreds! Instead of reinventing the wheel about deals to be found (since they were few and nothing we personally were interested in), we started posting the deals from other sites, giving them credit for the work.

3. When we started this blog, Kristie and I were both in a different season of life than we are in now. Things have changed and our time has had to be devoted to other things than running around trying to find deals that aren't there.

All that to say that we feel like this blog is not "new and fresh" and that we really don't have anything to offer that other blogs don't already have. This is why we have decided to say "farewell" to the blogging world.

We wanted to thank you, our readers, for your support and encouragement throughout the years. We will be posting until the end of next week, Friday the 17th. We will be highlighting blogs that have been helpful to us and where we have gotten much of our information to post.

Have a great week!


Robin Hayes said...

I'm going to miss your blog. It was one of the little ways that helped me feel connected to you both. Thank you for the time you put into this blog over the years!

Unknown said...

I am sad to see it go, but all your reasons make sense. Thank you for the effort you both put into it while it lasted. It was good stuff. :)!!

Unknown said...

That last comment was Kristin O, by the way. :)

grace said...

I too am a little sad! I enjoyed reading what you posted, even if it wasn't your own ideas :) Thanks for all work you two put into this blog.