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Friday, August 3, 2012

Freelance Friday - Smoothie Help

So maybe this is old news for some of you - but I just "discovered" this and it has revolutionized my smoothie-making: make yogurt ice cubes!

I make my own yogurt and every once in a while a batch ends up runnier than I like it. I used to just deal with it and eat (or should I say drink) it, but always found it hard to feed to my daughter on a spoon. Last time though, since we were leaving on vacation and had a bunch left over, I decided to pour it into an ice cube tray, then transfer the frozen cubes to a freezer bag.

Can you say "score"? I actually like the way my smoothies turn out better now! I don't need to add ice cubes and I find that the smoothies are creamier. I think I'm going to start looking for yogurt on clearance (usually with a close expiration date) so I can pay very little and make a bunch of yogurt cubes!

What are some of your favorite smoothie recipes?

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