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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday Tips - Reader tip about lettuce

If you're used to buying lettuce in a bag or if you only need a little bit of bell peppers for a recipe, this might be a good tip for you! Thanks to reader Kristin C. for sending it in! Although we don't have a Pick-n-Save in town, I'm going to check my local Logli to try this out!

"When you want fresh lettuce for a steal, buy it off the Salad Bar Line at Pick-n-Save!


You can load up a plastic tray with fresh, cut & washed romaine, spinach and baby salad greens for a lot less than whatever is in those "questionable" Dole bags for $3 or $4. Even if the Salad bar is $4.89/lb your plastic clam shell will ring up around only $1. (Psst....It's adding the heavy stuff like watermelon and pineapple that will weigh you down. :)

This is also a great idea for when you need just a few slices of red peppers for a recipe, and it costs $2 to buy a whole red pepper. You'll end up paying only 50 cents or so.

Hat Tip: Kim G."

1 comment:

grace said...

I never would have thought of that. Thanks so much for the idea!