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Friday, October 28, 2011

Freelance Friday - Gratitude Attitude

I've had several reminders lately to be thankful. The sad thing is that I ALWAYS have things to be thankful for, but I too often tend to focus on the negative side of things and forget to be grateful, especially in the "grind" of day to day life. Sure, when big things/events go well and how I would like, it's easy to be grateful (such as the adoption of our daughter). But sadly, I often miss the "little" things. God is so gracious, however, and sometimes sends along some extra special "little" things that remind me to be grateful all the time. The amazing thing about those little things? It shows me that God cares deeply about me, enough to graciously give me details I enjoy - how great is that?

Lately, here are two of the "little" things that had me thanking God.

- Jeremy and I had been discussing needing to have the furnace checked and cleaned before the cold Illinois winter sets in. We kind of put it off . . . then talked about getting it done again. I hadn't even gotten to the "research companies" part of the process yet, when Jeremy had to run out for a quick errand, turned the radio on, when lo and behold: a radio giveaway for a furnace cleaning to the fourth caller. Yup! You guessed it! Jeremy was the fourth caller. Thank you Lord!

- I've been dreading the task of ordering checks. In our paperless society, checks are becoming obsolete. But for us, there are still a few times we need (or choose) to use checks. Again, I was just about to the "research companies and deals" stage when, lo and behold, one of the blogs I follow posted a deal for 2 boxes of checks for $4.05 shipped. Woohoo! Thank you Lord! Ordered and paid for, and I got to order the super cool design below that my husband will love . . . especially since the last few orders of checks have been more cutesy checks!

What are some of your latest "small things" gratitude stories?

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