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Friday, July 22, 2011

Freelance Friday - New Testament Audio Drama

As most of you know by now, I (Anouk) am a new mother - it's hard to believe that our little peanut is almost 5 months old! One thing I've found difficult to do as a mother of an infant is to consistently read the Scriptures every day.

This is where wonderful technology comes in! I'm able to LISTEN to Scripture in a couple of ways on my iPhone. One is a free app, YouVersion, that I can either read on my iPhone or listen to. I've used this quite a few times as I'm feeding my daughter.

Another thing I've discovered lately is "You'veGot The Time" ESV New Testament Audio Drama
(by Faith Comes by Hearing). With this New Testament in audio, you can go through the whole New Testament in 40 days - 30 minutes a day! (This is actually a podcast that is free on iTunes - I just downloaded the whole New Testament into my iTunes, and then didn't subscribe to the podcast).

I didn't think I'd enjoy the New Testament "dramatized" but I really have! Normally I prefer to read than listen to books and Scriptures, but in this season of my life I'm really enjoying and benefiting from the audio version. Hope you enjoy it too!

(OK, I'm super excited - I just clicked the "View More By This Publisher" at the top and see that they have it in iTunes in many different languages like Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and many others! According to their website (Faith Comes by Hearing) they apparently have it in over 565 languages though not all of these are on iTunes).

1 comment:

Robin Hayes said...

I am very excited about this download. Thank you for posting about this!