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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday Tip - Why I love Aldi

Have you shopped at Aldi's yet? If you haven't, you need to. Their everyday prices are great, and although you can't use coupons (or credit cards), you can save bundles of money.

If you the last time you shopped at Aldi's was years ago, then you need to go back. When I lived here 7 years ago, I did NOT like Aldi's which surprised me since that's where I shopped in France and Belgium. But now it is my staple store, along with Hilander. If something's not on sale at Hilander and I need it, I buy it at Aldi's. I've bought something from every department:

flour, sugar, chocolate chips, saltine, crackers, mayo & olive oil
milk, eggs, cheese, tortilla shells
grapes, lettuce, avocadoes, limes
frozen grape or orange juice, frozen pizzas or chicken products
canned goods, onion soup mix, condensed soups,
flowers, sandwich bags, sponges, aluminum foil
even our two chairs, folding table, garage shelving, toys

It's great! Their "staples" are there year round . . . then they have seasonal things too. The only thing I don't buy there is meat (because I buy it in bulk when on sale at Hilander). And hey, when fresh mozzarella is $3 instead of $6 or $7, that is a deal to me!

And here is the best part for those of you that are still a little shy about it . . . they offer a DOUBLE guarantee! I've only ever returned something two times in the last 3.5 years, and today was one of them. The grapes I got were obviously not ripe enough, so I took them back. The DOUBLE guarantee is this: I got my money back AND another batch of grapes (this batch is yummy). Can't lose with that guarantee!

(This is a repost from almost 2 years ago - the information is still good and even more valid in view of the current economy)

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