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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday Tips - Protecting your debit card

Debit cards have become really popular since people have overused their credit cards. Debit cards are being used as a way to only spend what you have in your checking account. The downside is that if your debit card or card numbers are stolen, that money comes directly out of your checking account and you have to fight to get your money back.

Clark Howard has a great article on how to protect yourself if you use a debit card! If you are a frequent debit card user, I highly recommend following his instructions. In just the past two months, I had one friend whose bank canceled their debit card because a store in Rockford had been compromised and they had used their card at that store. I personally received a call from someone saying my debit card had been compromised and suspended, and that I needed to give them my info to reactivate it. I didn't and instead called my bank directly and discovered the callers were just trying to get my bank info!

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