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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

HOT Hilander deals to be had!

I guess it was just announced in Rockford this morning that Hilander was bought out by Logli. This makes me sad because I have a feeling the prices and sales will not be as good as they used to be . . . but we'll see. Hilander will still be called Hilander, but they will now carry the store brand Shnucks instead of Kroger. Apparently they are planning on hiring back 95% of the current workers there, although each worker must "re-apply" for their job. Glad to hear that at least.

All that to come to this: Hilanders around the city are crazy busy. They are selling all their Kroger brand items for 50% off and anything else for 25% off (except for any alcohol, and vendor items such as brand name chips and pop). This sale will last until Sunday after which they will close down then re-open on Thursday.

Things are flying off the shelves, and at my store there was hardly any meat left. Carts were hard to find and the lines were long. BUT the deals to be had are great. Among other things, I was able to get Kroger brand wipes for 50% off, making them a penny a wipe! I also got some nice "fancy" rice (jasmine, basmati) for a great price.

So, if you haven't already, head to Hilander but expect to have a hard time finding a cart and expect long lines (I waited about 20 minutes in line - not awful, but longer than usual). I can't guarantee what will be left, but it might be worth a trip there!

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