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Friday, December 16, 2011

Freelance Friday - Holiday Traditions!

Since my daughter had to do a school project based on family holiday traditions, it made me wonder what traditions other families have at Christmas time? Please leave some comments and let us know what your favorite family tradition was/is! Here are a few we have:

A new ornament for each child based on events of the last year. For instance, my son LOVES the guitar so last year he received a guitar ornament. This year they will probably be Pennsylvania themed as we moved across country in October.

A new pair of pj's presented on Christmas Eve. The kids are allowed to open their pj's and their presents that are from their sibling.

On the first snow of the season we hop in the car all pj'ed up and go through a drive through Christmas light display.

We have a large wooden Advent box with doors that counts down from December 1st through the 25th. I put in a special treat and a scripture verse relating to Christ's birth.

Merry Christmas!

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