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Friday, December 9, 2011

Freelance Friday - Rough draft of Disclosure Policy

**I know this sounds boring and blah, but please do take the time to read when you have a minute. It helps explain our goal and our policy (and hopefully our heart!)**

I've been wanting to write a "disclosure policy" of sorts for our blog . . . but as I've been looking around on other sites, I'm finding them very wordy or complicated. So I'm going to come up with a simplified version for now. Here's the rough draft:

1. The goal of our PinchAPennyNook blog is to help you save money and be good stewards of your finances. As we share money-saving ideas, coupons, sales, as well as fun/helpful tips we find, we hope you will be inspired and encouraged by our posts.

2. We do not get paid to blog. Kristie and I just enjoy finding good deals and ideas, and are thankful for the opportunity the web provides us to share those with you. While we do not think it would be wrong for us to get paid (in fact, we would love that!), at this time this is not a money-making endeavor.

3. Having said that, there are a few ways we can get compensated.
  • Our coupons.com widget on the right side bar does generate some income for us when you click on it and use it. I think last year it may have earned us $10 or something like that (we still have to figure out how to get that $10!).
  • Most times when we post a deal we find, the link is just that - a link to the website. Links to Target.com, Childrensplace.com, etc are just a quick way for you to get to the website. Sometimes we may send you to another money-saving website where that person will have a link which is their "referral link" - after all, since they took the time to post the deal, we want them to get rewarded for it, and so we send you their way.
  • Sometimes, however, we are able to provide a "referral link" which rewards us for sharing the deal with you. For example, Groupon has referral links that will reward the "sharer" with a credit to Groupon if a first time buyer signs up for Groupon through that link. Since we've taken the time to find and post the deals, we do not believe that getting rewarded for referrals is wrong or deceitful - but we want to let our readers know that is what is going on: thus the need for this Disclosure Policy.
  • All that to say that we would love for you to click through our links if you're going to take advantage of a deal! It's your way of saying "thank you" to us :) All the links look the same on our blog. The only difference between a regular link and a referral link is the "behind the scenes" where one rewards us for referring a new customer.
4. All opinions expressed on this site are just that - our opinions. We have not been paid to "advertise" or endorse a product or site. We have been approached by a few advertisers that are interested in us endorsing/advertising their services, but have yet to be comfortable with any of them. We choose to not have ads until we can find ones we are comfortable with or ones we can at least somewhat control the content.

5. Some day we may have ads or have giveaways of products that have been provided to us by a company. Rest assured that when that day comes, we will only be sharing things we are comfortable with. For now we are just a small little website sharing tips and information and we hope that we are of some help to some of you!

1 comment:

Robin Hayes said...

I found your rough draft to be thoughtfully conveyed and it sounds good to me.