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Friday, February 24, 2012

Freelance Friday - An organized fridge!

Once the new year stars I plan my spring cleaning schedule. This year for me it is actually very simple as we are renting a small apartment and most of our possessions are in storage. However, one project I never thought of actually organizing was the refrigerator. I clean it out once a week when I make my grocery list but never had a problem with keeping it neat.

The apartment refrigerator is smaller than the one we own and I was having difficulty finding what I needed. The shelves are deeper so things get lost in the back. To avoid wasting money and time I purchased some baskets from Five Below and now I can easily pull out the basket and see everything I have. I used 2 large baskets and 2 smaller baskets and that seems to be enough for me. We have 2 drawers in the bottom as well.

Check out this photo and blog post from goodbye, house. Hello, Home! of a beautiful refrigerator. She bought her baskets at Walmart and I LOVE that they have handles!

1 comment:

Anouk said...

Oh dear! I'm in trouble. They have very similar baskets here at the 99 cents store in CA where we are for a few more days. I bought 4 baskets figuring they'd be handy. Now that I see this fridge, I'm wondering how many more I could get and fit in our suitcases. I mean, $1 a piece! With handles?? Eek!