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Friday, February 11, 2011

Freelance Friday - Ask the Readers

My husband and I will be celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary next January. We are planning on a warm exotic vacation of some sort and we would love you input on a couple things!

First, where is the best place online to find travel deals? We generally just do smaller vacations in the states surrounding us and find hotel deals through Groupon or Priceline, but for a bigger package vacation do you have any recommendations?!

Second, do you have any recommendations on a great location that is warm, sunny, quite, and an "in my view" a little slice of heaven?! We just want to be able to relax, read some books, enjoy being together and mix in few activities on a beach somewhere.

We would love your suggestions and advice!


Michele said...

I took a day trip up to Strawberry Hill in Jamaica in 2008, and hope to return for a vacation with Rick for our 20th in few years. It is breathtakingly beautiful up there, and far away from the usual tourist crowd: http://www.islandoutpost.com/strawberry_hill/

Robin Hayes said...

Chris took me to Sanibel Island last spring - that was a sweet trip, but I'm not sure if it is January worthy. It was great in April/May. I will have to ask how he booked it. It definitely wasn't a package deal or anything.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Robin and Michele for the tips! I will definitely be checking into both!