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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Great Target Coupons!

Check out the Target printable coupons here for their Up & Up Products. I have been happy with the Up & Up Products I purchase from Target and it is awesome they put on so many coupons . . . here are a few to look for and print:

$1 off an Up & Up Oral Care item - that means free floss, almost free toothbrushes or mouthwash

$.75 off Up & Up feminine care products - pantiliners are less than $1 regular price

$1 off Up & Up facial care product

$1 off Up & Up cleaning product - look for something you usually use . . . bleach, spray cleaner, they have it all.

$1.50 off Up & Up diapers

$1 off Up & Up pain relief - ibuprofen is usually around $1; acetaminophen a little more

$5 off a pair of women's jean - shop the clearance racks!

These are just a few there are others available . . . just browse through each category and see what works for your family!

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