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Friday, April 1, 2011

Freelance Friday - Ask the Readers About Kids' Clothes

Now that we have a new baby girl in our lives, I'm going to have to start shopping for clothes for her. Well, actually, we have been so blessed with gifts of clothes that it may be a few months before I have to start down that road! What a blessing.

This is where we want you to chime in and give us your tips and tricks to kids' clothes shopping.

- Where do you find the best deals on new clothes?

- What are the best thrift stores / resale shops around the Rockford area for kids' clothes?

- What do you consider good prices? (I'm sorry but I have a hard time paying $20 for a sweater for myself, let alone one for my daughter that she can only wear for a few months).

- What brands (gasp, yes let's get brand snobby here) do you find last longer / wear better?

Can't wait to hear your comments! Fire away!

1 comment:

MommaHarms said...

I do really well at Children's Place shopping with a coupon on the sale's rack - I am not sure how you get on their mailing list. When they go about 40 percent off online they tend to be 50-60 percetn off in the store, and you can get stuff for $4 and less. The outlet in Huntley also takes the coupon - I got pants, two dresses, two pairs of tights for $16 there, but it is a drive.

I love Treasures Galore next to your church for kids' clothing, but you have to dig. I have had horrible luck at salvation armies in the area - everything is outdated. Treasures purchases clothing so they are more picky about what they offer.

Gymboree is the most durable brand (this said from a mom with two kids same gender, the gymbo stuff is the only one "making it" through both) but it is so expensive. I only shop clearance with a coupon and still think it's expensive.

Gymbo and CP have adjustable waist pants which have been important around here.

When she gets older, Sears has their Kidvantage program - if something tears or wears out (not counting stains) then you can take it back to get a similar item same size for free. Great idea for shoes once they stop growing a bit or uniforms if you do private schooling or a public school that requires uniforms. That program is free.