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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Aldi vs. Hilander? Are you interested?

Something I'd like to start doing is posting some weekly price comparisons of Rockford Aldi vs. Hilander prices . . . but only if that's going to be helpful to you our readers. Would you take the time to comment and let us know if that's something you would like? I want to make sure that if I'm going to put the time into it, it's at least going to be beneficial to some people. Thanks!

As a general rule, Aldi's everyday prices are better than Hilander's . . . this has never been as true as since Schnucks bought Hilander and the prices went up. I have been encouraged this week, however, to see some good prices at Hilander/Logli, so I'll post the price comparison in a subsequent post.

A few things to keep in mind:
1. Unless otherwise noted, the prices at Aldi are for their store brand.
2. Sometimes it is worth paying $0.25 more for an item at one store instead of running to different stores to get the best price.
3. Some of these prices that I'm noting at Aldi are from my "everyday price list" from a few weeks ago. Aldi does have some price drops and sales, and those are usually noted in their flier.
4. Please bear with me as I try to figure out the best way to set up the price comparison. I may experiment with different colors or formats before I choose what works best.
5. If you live outside of Rockford, these prices are probably different . . . and our Hilander prices are actually out of the Schnucks/Logli flier, not Kroger.

Please comment away! I will do a post this week, and depending on the response, this may become a weekly post!


Kristin said...

If you posted these price comparisons I would definitely benefit from it! It's a great idea.

Kristin C said...

No. We don't have Hilander in WI. We like Aldi, though!

JennieB said...

I would love it if you did this each week. I already went through your lists for this week and am glad to see that Hilander is the better choice for me this week. Thanks for taking the time!!