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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hilander/Logli vs. Aldi

Here is, as promised, the price comparison chart between the Hilander/Logli and Aldi ads this week. I have bolded the better prices. As you can see, this week is pretty good at Hilander. Oh, and not on this chart is frozen turkey other than Butterball. With any additional $25 purchase, Schnucks brand is $0.37/lb and Honeysuckle is $0.57/lb.




($0.80 price drop)
Crescent rolls
($0.50 price drop)
Shredded cheese
(16 oz)
(32 oz)
Sour cream


Sweet Cond. Milk

(Campbell 10oz)
(12 oz)
Cranberry jelly
(Ocean Spray)

Canned pumpkin

Canned vegetables


Frozen veggies
(Bird’s Eye)

Hot cocoa

Butterball Turkey
(w/ $25 purchase)

Sweet potatoes

(for 3 lbs)

This is where you decide which store is best for you this week. It's interesting to me that of the 5 things that are more expensive at Hilander, 4 are brand name! So not a bad week at Hilander! I'm going to be heading to Hilander, because most of what I need this week is on the above list.

P.S. - Oh, and for you other math geeks out there, I figured out that if you buy everything on the above list, all things equal (i.e. same amount of cheese and same amount of sweet potatoes, and an 11 lb turkey), you'll save $0.74 by going to Hilander (if you buy another $9 worth of stuff to get to the additional $25 purchase necessary to get the Butterball at the $0.99 price) . . . plus you'll get the Ocean Spray cranberry sauce which in my humble opinion is the best out there! Yes, I'm a numbers geek.

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