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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Toddler Thursday - Candy Experiments

Are you wondering what to do with all that Halloween candy, if you still have any? Check out this website of candy experiments. You can have fun experimenting and save on your dental bill all at the same time.

My kids love to experiment so we are definitely going to try some of these. Scroll down on the left hand side and see your different options!


Kristin C said...

Please repost the Link for Candy Experiment. Thanks!

Kristie said...


Loralee said...

You've got a lot of really fun ideas on your blog--I'm glad you decided to feature Candy Experiments among them. Thanks! And I like your point that doing candy experiments will save on dental bills. It would also save on braces repair, since our orthodontist says sticky candy is really hard on braces.

On the website, you can find experiment instructions on the Experiments page, as well as by scrolling down the list on the left. Enjoy!