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Monday, January 17, 2011

Children's Place Free Shipping & 20% off

The Children's Place is having free shipping today only (with code FSJANUARY) and you can also use this code for an extra 20% off your total (P7C2011). Since their Monster Sale is going on right now, some good deals are to be had! Thanks for the heads' up Lacey!

That was the pertinent information. If you have an extra minute, below is a little story for your entertainment.

A day in the life of a new "pinch-a-penny" mommy:
New as in new mommy-to-be, not new at pinching a penny. I have to admit, this is new territory for me . . . children's clothing. Eek! I don't really like to pay more than $5-$10 for a clothing item for myself, so I mistakenly thought that baby clothes (so much smaller and using less material - "less threads than in my sock" as my husband put it) would follow suit. Hmmm, not so! $22 for a cardigan? Seriously?

I'm now discovering that $8.50 isn't a half bad price for a new cardigan that my daughter will only be able to wear for a few months. Wow! I really have to teach this old dog new tricks! A new challenge for me, and the cool thing is that it's FUN!!! I'm loving it!

Picture this scenario: I decide that I really should have a plain 0-3 month cream or white cardigan for my daughter. After all, I'm practical: it goes with everything, will be useful for the "in between seasons" when it's neither cold nor hot (since she's due at the end of February), nice for layering over a short sleeve shirt, etc. You get the picture.

Last week, I chose to skip the "free shipping plus 15% off" deal at The Children's Place thinking I could do better than their $8.50 sale price on an adorable cardigan. I went to multiple stores trying desperately to find an equivalent. FAILURE! The stores either didn't have one, or they were $12 - on clearance!!! I'm starting to regret that I didn't take advantage of that deal last week!

Then today, my good friend Lacey (who went with me to help me register at BabiesRUs and saw my desperate search for a cardigan) texts me and tells me The Children's Place is having free shipping and that there is a 20% coupon code. I quickly go to the site and order that cardigan, hoping it's still there. It is! I quickly purchase it and one other item and am thrilled when the 20% gets taken off the total (hey, that's better than 15%!). Woohoo! Lacey saves the day! What makes the deal even sweeter is that they take PayPal and I have some money in PayPal from the surveys I take. Out of pocket cost? $2.

Well, this mommy-to-be definitely needs to learn new tricks, but for today she conquers the "don't pay over $5 per item" rule she has. It's a good day!

Although now I'm wondering if I should have ordered one in each size available . . . hmmm . . .

(Disclaimer: For you thrifty mommies out there, I do intend to hit a lot of thrift shops and watch for their "half off" days, but this time I was looking for something VERY specific so I splurged a little. You'll excuse a new mommy, won't you?).

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