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Friday, January 14, 2011

Freelance Friday - "Yes" Mom

I am not one to usually make new year resolutions mainly because I get sidetracked easily and don't stick with them. This year I have decided to make monthly goals for myself and my family which for me are more attainable and more motivating.

One specific resolution I have is to be more of a "Yes" mom. As a mom there is the constant barrage of "Can I . . ." questions. It is almost exhausting and I feel like I am endlessly saying No. Jill Savage - Keeping hearts at home wrote a perfect article on this topic and here are some of her examples:

“No, you can’t fingerpaint.” (It will make too much of a mess.)

“No, you can’t bake cookies today.” (I just mopped the kitchen floor!)

“No, you can’t have a friend over today.” (I don’t want to go anywhere today and I’d have to go get them.)

“No, you can’t play in the sprinklers.” (I’m not in the mood for wet swimsuits, towels, and grass tracked in the house.)

“No, you can’t go out and play in the snow.” (I don’t want to deal with the snowsuits, boots, gloves, scarves, and hassle of it all.)

So for 2011, I want to evaluate my reason for saying "No" and make sure they are not selfish reasons. Let's not go crazy and "Yes" to everything - kids need boundaries and it is good for them to hear the word "No". I'm just going to resolve that I evaluate my heart and motives before I answer with a hasty "No."

Who's with me?!

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