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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday Tips - Lifetime warranties

You can save on product repairs by purchasing quality name brand products that have lifetime warranties or companies that stand behind their products. For instance, when my daughter started Kindergarten I purchased a Jansport backpack . . . why? Because for $20 I purchased a backpack that will literally last a lifetime (or at least elementary school). No, I didn't opt for the $15 Hello Kitty or Princess backpack that probably won't last the year. Jansport stands behind the quality of their product and will repair or replace it if needed.

My husband has had a Jansport backpack since before we met and we have been together 17 yrs. It made it through college and he still uses it at least 5 days a week to go to the gym. I believe it was replaced once.

Columbia is another brand that stands behind their products. I purchased a pair of their boots years ago. They still look brand new - the tread is perfect - they look as if they just came off the shelf. This year when I pulled them out one boot was cracked in 3 places?! Columbia has a one year warranty on their shoes. Since the shoe still looked brand new, I sent them an email and photos at their request. Within two hours they sent me a link declaring the boots defective and requesting that I pick a new pair from their website . . . they are en route to my house!

There are so many great brands that have fantastic customer service; sometimes it pays to pay a little more to get a product that you know will last.

You never know! Research a company, and before you shell out to fix a broken item, contact the manufacturer.

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