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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

CVS Dove deal?

Many people are reporting that when they scan their CVS card at the scanner, a coupon for $0.50 off a Dove bar is printing out. It happened to me yesterday!

Dove bars are free after ECB this week (limit 1): buy one at $0.89 and get $0.89 ECB back. Yesterday I used the coupon that printed out, paid $0.46 and got $0.89 ECB back. It's like getting paid to buy chocolate - am I dreaming???


Kristin said...

What are ECB, and how do they work exactly? I keep hearing this term, but don't quite understand it.

Anouk said...

Kristin - I would totally love to tell you all about it!

Here's a good place to start: go to our side bar on the right under "Tips, Info, . . ." and click on "CVS Couponing 101" (toward the bottom). That will give you a good rundown of how CVS and ECBs work. Then we can discuss any questions you have!

Kristie said...

Don't forget we have a Couponing 101 class coming in Feb at the Library on E State Street! Feb. 26th at 11 am!

Kristin said...

Thanks for the link, Anouk! It was VERY helpful.
February 26th? I'll be writing that in my calendar! Is the class free to attend?

Kristie said...

Classes are FREE! There will be an Advanced Couponing too - we will post more info soon!